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31st July 2015
Shabbat Shalom dear Friends.
Extremism is extremism is extremism and when one burns buildings one day people will be inside – that is the Price Tag. Price Tag is the foul group that chose to become terrorists in the name of Judaism – well all I can say is NOT IN MY NAME.
In the village of Duma four Jewish terrorists wrote hate messages in Hebrew and burned a home. A baby died and three other family members were horribly burned. Personally I would put the thugs responsible in the same prison as the Moslem terrorists and let them fight each other and leave us to live in peace. IDF spokesman Lt Col Peter Lerner “This attack against civilians is nothing short of a barbaric act of terrorism. A comprehensive investigation is underway in order to find the terrorists and bring them to justice. The IDF strongly condemns this deplorable attack and has heightened its efforts in the field to locate those responsible.”,7340,L-4686046,00.html
I never understood the Jonathan Pollard Affair. Pollard passed on information to a friendly country, information that in the agreement between the United States and Israel, should have been available to Israel anyway. As a result of that act of espionage Pollard was kept in prison for longer than any enemy spy, even those who committed treasonous acts. 56 people were imprisoned on charges of espionage in the USA, all were released early, excepting 3, even those who spied against the USA for countries of deep enmity and danger to the US. So difficult to understand. Now he is to be released, is it yet another diplomatic trick? Who will be exchanged for him?  Did the PM agree to reduce his anger over the Iran deal if Pollard is released? Why is it necessary for him to wait until November 20th? Why is the question of his  emigration to Israel an issue for the State Department?
I kept very quiet on the question of Pollards release, not knowing the background facts, believing that a close ally like the USA would not use a sick man as a diplomatic pawn, but I admit I find the entire situation highly suspicious.  
So we appear to have saved the Ayatollas regime – sorry I mean we came to a nuclear agreement with Iran. Of course the various administrations still had time to condemn Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians but I thought you should know what happened to the Iranian people this week. Amnesty International reports that Iran has put almost 700 people to death so far in 2015, on pace to surpass the previous year’s executions. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the last thing the world should be doing for the Iranian regime is adding $100 billion to their economy. The terrorist regime wins, and the Iranian people lose.
An Israeli airstrike Wednesday reportedly killed Samir Kuntar (his brother denies it) a senior Hezb-Allah operative in the Golan Heights; one of the most reviled terrorists in Israeli history. Kuntar was 16 years old in 1979, when he and three other members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sneaked into Israel, killing a policeman and kidnapping a man and his 4-year-old daughter, Einat Haran, who he then killed by smashing in her head. Kuntar was released in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.
The Jerusalem Gay Parade is a small affair, the main, international event takes place in Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem Parade includes young religious Jews, secular anti-circumcision, gay, lesbian and those who just support their right to be. 10 years ago a Haredi man, Yishay Shlissel, stabbed participants in the Jerusalem Parade. He was caught and served a prison sentence, and was recently released. Yesterday he attacked again, this time with a long blade knife injuring 6 people. Police, guarding the parade, caught him within seconds, through him to the ground disarming him. Under no circumstances can his actions be considered in accordance with Jewish ethics. If you disapprove then demonstrate but violence – never, never ever.
Happily, the parade continued and many Jerusalemites, secular, religious, straight, joined the parade to show solidarity. They went on to celebrate freedom at Ayn Yael, just beneath our home.
BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, is ludicrous. They want to boycott our aid to the third world or is it our medical research that distresses them?
And then there are those who seriously fear coming to Israel!!! What? Jerusalem is one of the safest cities in the world and that isn’t me saying so – it is a worldwide survey according to police statistics. The 50 most dangerous cities in the world and we didn’t make it at all – not even the top 100!! What was that? You fancied Acapulco because it is romantic? Honestly – who is kidding who?
This week my daughter Rachel and her wonderful children ( all our grandchildren -and yours- are exceptional) flew to the UK to see Rachel’s father and of course her brothers family, Stephanie, Sammy, Olivia and Zac, her lovely friends and ultimately next week she will go to Cardiff to see my sister Doreen (and all my family there) to give her a big hug from us all.
I managed to see the fabulous panorama from Samuels Tomb several times this week however. First when I took them to the airport, where they were thrilled to discover that Rachel’s sister in law (Shiran) was their stewardess on El Al. She had changed with her friend and the kids got to visit the pilots cockpit!!! I love El Al. The food is always the best, the service friendly, the passengers chat to one another and the seats are comfortable – and best of all I step on board and come home!!!!
The second panoramic view was shared with Sue Yakir – I still call her Sue Gaba though!! We were on our way back from meeting up with Cardiff girlfriends. We grew up together, our parents and siblings were friends and we “understand” each other, indeed the evening after our meet my sister Doreen was at the home of Jill’s sister Wendy and the guests were Jenny’s former sister in law Truda and Sues sister Paula-  Cardiff has wrapped my sister in love -such is the warmth of a small community. We, along with many other Cardiffians, made Aliya. I am the new girl, just 25 years since I made the best decision of my life. It is fascinating that Wales is the same size as Israel and the Jewish community came there prepared to work hard as miners, handymen, salesmen etc, to survive and become Welsh – real Halutzim. The Cardiff community was exceptionally Zionist, we absorbed our love of Israel through our parents and to a large part, many of us through the words and actions of Norman Berg – the ultimate Habonim Madrich, who passed his love down to Andrew Stone, who passed his love .. so it happens. We came to Israel out of love not because we needed to escape.
Anyway, I digress, for a change!!!
Ira, Valeri and Sheli came to see us. Just one year after I came to Israel on Aliya Zvi told me of this couple he met when he was in Moscow. Valeri spoke Hebrew since his Mother was Israeli and Zvi wanted us to “adopt” them. It worked out very well since they gave us Sheli and Tomer long before our children gave us grandchildren! Anyway, Valeri and Sheli stayed over because Sheli was going to Scout Camp at the crack of dawn. As we sat in the gorgeous Jerusalem air, eating a pulled together meal, Ira told us that they had been at the Flam winery,  met Israel Flamm the founder and learned that Chardonnay comes from Hebrew. The Gates of Adonai. I was sceptical so checked, lo and behold 
This Shabbat my husband decided to be romantic! On August the 8th we celebrate 25 years since the day I walked into his office and we fell in love. It really was like that – well almost. I was running Womens Division of the JIA in London at the time and no-one showed me how to do the work, until my divorce I had been a lay-leader and was then broke so needed to earn bread, so while on vacation in Israel I met with the world Director, then Batya Rekem. After a lovely day, Batya said “I have someone I want you to meet” Zvi was way too busy and expressed his dismay in no uncertain terms to Batya who came back and said “He would be delighted to meet you”!!! Both alone and in pain after coming from failed marriages, both wary, I guess we proved that hope never dies! I went to Zvi for instruction and he has been telling me what to do ever since!
So we are going to Kfar Maccabiah, with it beautiful hotel, gardens and pools. There I don’t need to cook, clean nor prepare – just enjoy my incredible husbands company! After Shabbat we come home and then go to a reunion party from our choir trip to Greece. The choir has made two new youtubes and a fabulous disc of Israeli songs – in Hebrew and Ladino. Here is one of their songs
In fact, this Shabbat will be different but still Shabbat, still beautiful.
Zvi has gone to his Parliament at the University coffee shop, leaving me to talk to you. As I write I look out of our huge windows overlooking Jerusalem. I wish my close family could know how incredible my life is here. I would love to show them my street, my view, that they could meet my friends and neighbours. I wish so deeply that they could understand what I see in this magical city, this amazing country and how much I thrive on the stimulation of life here and meeting and greeting such diverse visitors from all over the world who really “get” what I see and my love for this exceptional country. The joy of spending time with Canon Andrew White who loves Israel as I do and with whom I have the most empathetic relationship and crazy adventures yet laugh with him more than with anyone else.Each time I meet with people from IsraAid, MASHAV, Yrui Shtern, I learn of the incredible work done by Israel and Israelis to help others less fortunate. I want to brag, to boast, to convince those I love why I couldn’t bear to live elsewhere.  I guess I just want my family to understand that I am the sane one!!!
If you want to know what crazy is – Jibril Rajoub, Hebrew speaking, former head of the Palestinian  Preventive Security Force and now the Minister of Sport and football at the PA, Jibril Rajoub, militant Palestinian has all his millions in Bank Leumi under the name of Gil Regev!!!
Incidentally, one of Zvi’s friends at the Parliament, actually the only one able to control the rather strong expressiveness of some of the participants, is Elihu Ben Onn, radio personality and interviewer of Israelis and Hebrew speakers around the world. If you have something you want to say do contact Elihu and tell him what you wish to speak about.
Must go and pack a few things – we leave soon and I can’t believe that i don’t have to cook! This week is Shabbat for me too – Sabbatical from preparations.
This song is a prayer, a greeting and blessing all at once. Heveinu Shalom Aleichem – we bring peace to you
Finally Moti Mor sings Mi ha Ish – Who is the Man? The deep meaning of the words, the call to be  (Savlani and Sovlani ) Patient and Tolerant
With love from Jerusalem, the most beautiful city in the world which gives me solace in loss and joy always.
Shabbat Shalom dear friends

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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