The view from my veranda

170721 Temple Mount, Incitement


21st July, 2017

Shabbat Shalom! I hope this missive finds you well, or at least determined to be well.

Rolf Hochhuth wrote a play called “The Visit” or the “Visit of the Old Lady“. The story goes thus. A very wealthy old lady comes to visit the town of her childhood and makes an offer to the poor townsfolk that will make them all wealthy. At first it seemed wonderful, but they balked at the condition of her gift – they had to kill the man, their friend, who had made her pregnant and jilted her many years before. She began a campaign against her former lover and eventually through her encouragement of profligate spending the town falls into debt and the townspeople agree to her terms and kill her former lover, who nobody really hated. The moral of the story is clear and so pertinent to the Middle East (and elsewhere) today that it is painful. Israel is the lover, the people of the Middle East are the townspeople and ISIS/Al Qaeeda/Hamas/MosBros/ are the Old lady forcing their people into poverty so that they kill out of desperation. The ony difference is that we never made anyone pregnant we just made the desert fertile.

The lies told about Israel are worthy of any dramatic presentation that the most imaginative of playwrights could dream up. The most recent is the question of magnometers on the Temple Mount. The first lie is that it is Haram Al Sharif to the exclusion of the Temple Mount rights of all others, but let’s leave that aside today. Last week, two beautiful young men were slain, brutally and with calculated accuracy, by three Arabs, on and around the Temple Mount. Arms were found in the Al Aqsa compound and as a result the Chief of Police decided to place magnometers at the entrances to the Mosque compound. This protects all those normal ordinary Moslems who just want to pray in the 3rd most holy place in Islam. In both Mecca and Medina magnometers are used at the Holy sites.

Irresponsible Islamic leaders in Israel and outside decided this was too good an opportunity for death and destruction to miss. The vile Sheikh Ra’eed Salah, released from prison, began a campaign of incitement that young Moslems have to protect Al Aqsa from Israeli occupation and destruction of the Holy site (as he did when he removed 700 truckloads of earth and Temple relics under the nose of Ehud Barak, forming an underground Mosque and almost collapsing the entire Mount). The terrorists of last Friday came from his town of Umm El Fachem in Israel.Ismael Haniya sits in Gaza calling for rioting and killing and in the meantime Israel is co-ordinating everything with the WAQF and ensuring them that the status quo remains intact. Today will be tense around the Old City – I both pray for and thank the wonderful police and IDF who protect and keep order.

The Old Lady came to visit, the promises of wealth through killing is fulfilled and yet again Israel is blamed for something she didn’t do. It is a case of the child who commits patricide, matricide and then cries that they are orphaned. Incredibly, the possibility that Mohamed Dahlan, leader of Fatah in Gaza, will take over the running of Gaza from Hamas seems almost hopeful!!!

On rare occasions the film industry produces a movie that is appropriate, timely and honours those who fought that we could be free. “Darkest Hour” is that movie. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, despite his aristocratic breeding and fine education, was a boor. He always said what he thought and his wit did not add to his popularity among his political rivals. He proved to be the only one with the courage to face a diabolical enemy and take him on, for many years almost singlehandedly, but without fear and with great leadership. Ah that Sir Winston were here now, facing an enemy even more dangerous than Nazism, that he were not buried in St. Martins Churchyard, Bladon, near his ancestral home in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

I will not countenance those who claim “all Moslems are the same” it is no better than anti-Semitism, worse because we should know better. To prove my point………………

Sara Zoabi is a cousin of the vile Haneen Zoabi, Member of Knesset. Sara Zoabi and her son Mohammed, are true Israelis filled with love and gratitude for Israel. I add two wonderful videos – please watch them and show all your friends. Check out Sara’s ear-rings in this first one  and her words addressed to the Arabic audience, filmed before the Knesset

Sara light a beacon at the Independence Day celebrations. Eshet Chayil indeed

Nadel Sader is a paramedic with Hazalah and was the first on the scene of last Fridays murderous attack. Don’t label people – it doesn’t work like that in Israel.

Mohamed Kabiya, and Israeli Arab, confronts an American/Israeli Jew at Colombia University who is embarrassed by and Israeli show of patriotism

Apparently the Greek Orthodox Church has sold large tracts all over Israel, including the Amphitheatre in Caesaria to a mystery buyer. Israel was aware that the 99 year lease on many pieces of land and buildings was almost up and  I am sure that KKL has the funds to buy them or has the ability to raise the funds to buy them so why not? Mystery indeed.

The world has basically turned its back on the people of Syria. Perhaps because there is no good guy, bad guy situation – it became a bad guy worse guy situation with the people dying and suffering and nobody cares. Well not quite true – Israel cares

The Maccabiah has come to an end. It was phenomenal! They used to say that Jews study and make money but could never be athletes………. They didn’t know the Maccabim!! Not only athletes and their families it is one big family gathering with a determination to represent their country with honour and great sportsmanship. The final festivities expressed it all!! 80 countries, 7,000 athletes, every conceivable sport, more than a few romances and great good humour.  I swore to myself that I wouldn’t mention names of those I met, because it is the easiest way to offend those who are not mentioned but then……….. how can one refuse Michel Grun? Together with Stuart Lustigman, Michel is an Honorary Life President of Maccabi Europe? There Michel, I mentioned you three times!! Gut Shabbes dear man.

זאל איר שטענדיק שמייכל ווי איר האט דעם וואָך

The 9 days of mourning of the Hebrew month of Av begin next Monday culminating in the 9th of Av – Tisha b’Av, a day of uncountable disasters in Judaism, of deep mourning and fasting, that sadly too few understand – The destruction of the First and Second Temples, the expulsion from both Spain and England, the list goes on –

The roads have been clear all week! Schools are out and parents arrive at work in a more staggered manner so the traffic jams are less apparent! It is a joy! In the searingly hot weather we have been “enjoying”, nothing makes drivers more impatient than the extreme heat. As my son Gideon used to say – “Israel is the only country where sound travels faster than light” meaning even before the lights change people sound their horns!!!! Since the compulsory introduction of air conditioning in cars many years ago this isn’t quite as apparent but still returns when the weather becomes summer! I tend to take the back roads, through the Jerusalem Forest, whenever possible and this week led Rachel and the children through the winding curves of the original entrance to Jerusalem to visit Kibbutz Tzuba – to Galita and the chocolate Factory where the children made their own wonderful and delicious chocolate creations – eating 50% of the raw ingredients before they ever got to the creative stage! Afterwards they went next door into Kiftzuba, a fabulous play area with all sorts of new rides suitable for all ages. Of course Rachel and I went in search of the nearest air conditioner!!!

As we drove through the forest Yosef remarked on the huge tracts of trees and brush and commented “Safta, why don’t they build here? There is lots of space and people could afford to buy their own homes”. He is right of course, we need to build more affordable housing but I think we should build on the rocky hills rather than the green lung of Jerusalem.

We barely went out onto the veranda this week, the heat was overwhelming 24/7, but last night the breeze and our Jerusalem balmy evening returned. As Zvi came to bed he walked out onto the small veranda which leads off our room, stood with his arms open wide before the phenomenal view, declaring his domain. The wonderful fresh air of a Jerusalem night kissing his arms – a proud Jerusalemite born and bred, standing above the city that he loves.

So what music do you think is appropriate for this week?

Lu Yehi – Let it be – Naomi Shemer heard the Beatles song and recognised how appropriate it was for her beloved Israel – Chava Alberstein

It will be good and I am still here – the prophetic words of David Broza “Yiyhe Tov”

That’s all Folks! Sorry Bugs Bunny never came to Jerusalem but I promise he would have loved the carrots!! My supermarket manager tells me all the veggies come on his shelves within 24 hours of being picked – that’s Israel.

Shabbat Shalom dear friends. I haven’t reminded you of the power of one for a long time so please – use your power and tell everyone the truth, the whole truth not the half-truths of the media.

With love from our veranda to yours.