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4th May 2018

Shabbat Shalom my friends. I hope you are well.

Rhetoric. When does rhetoric become disinformation and disinformation propaganda and propaganda incitement to hatred?

Rhetoric is defined as “Language designed to have persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content” Today’s rhetoric is far more sinister and has become propaganda – and, as Goebbels proved, is an alternative truth that is more acceptable than reality.

Mahmoud Abbas stated clearly that the Jews deserved their fate in the Shoah since they were usurers etc – although carefully avoided mention of the homosexuals, Catholics and communists. Even the New York Times condemned his words calling for his resignation, admittedly while condemning Israel and settlements but nonetheless

A Rabbi spoke at a ceremony to commemorate those who died in an Italian transit and extermination Camp – Risiera di San Sabba – and was booed and faced with Palestinian flags. Of this instance Didier Lestienne wrote

“It should not be said that those who booed the rabbi are ‘young people without culture and without historical memory’. Maybe orchestrated, but not innocent.” Sadly, regardless of whether they were put up to it or not, so many young Europeans have been brainwashed into believing a very different narrative that it has now entered the European and Muslim mindset. If you doubt me, just look at Britain, where the Labour Party, the main opposition and soon possibly the government, has to all intents and purposes adopted a narrative that discriminates against any Jew seeking to assert his or her right to a homeland. Across Europe Jews are now told to hide their identity.

Thanks to Jeremy Rosen for the quote

We should not be complacent, it is all too easy to say “Europe is lost”, it can happen anywhere in the world. The rhetoric became lies and is now indoctrination verging on brainwashing. Jews are not acceptable, we are told to hide our identity and disappear. Don’t buy your children Magen Davids, don’t wear a kippa – as if we are the ones guilty of inciting violence upon ourselves.

It is not new. On this newsletter I have oft referred to the fact that FDR refused to enter WW2 until his own country was attacked in Pearl Harbour – not by the Third Reich but by Japan, a totally different enemy. It was against American moral codes. Now we know why. FDR was not just an anti-Semite, he believed in eugenics. He didn’t accept Jewish refugees because he wanted them spread thinly all over the world. I got my answer as to why he refused to take the USA into a just war and refused Churchill’s pleas to bomb the railway lines of death

Reactions to PM Netanyahu’s Iran Nuclear danger speech were mixed. Some said it was too theatrical, some suggested it wasn’t news but rather old information but nobody doubted the genius of the Israeli Secret Service in removing the files and discs to give actual proof. Here is the speech, it starts in Hebrew but is predominantly in English.

Laugh at the theatrical approach of the PM but an Israeli satellite company reports and displays unusual activity at the Iranian Nuclear facility in Qoms

President Trump has put forward a proposal that Israel transfer 4 Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority – Jabl Mukaber, Shoefat, Issawiya and Abu Dis. The strange thing is that this was exactly the proposal of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a proposal that Mahmoud Abbas walked away from. It is a good proposal, it is a logical proposal since all four neighborhoods consider themselves Palestinians anyway, even though they receive all the municipal, health and social services of Israel. I think it is an excellent idea to give them a jolt of reality to live in an utterly corrupt society, without any social benefits, that they have been supporting for years.

Incidentally Israel has just signed a $775 million deal with the Palestinian Authority for an independent electricity supply for the West Bank – excluding Gaza where the people suffer long electricity cuts. Why not Gaza? Partly because the PA is sick of paying and never getting money back from Hamas but mostly to squeeze Hamas until they leave.

Enough sadness – enough news – let’s go into our wonderful social life this week!

The week started last weekend with our grand-daughter Gili’s 9thbirthday and Irit Lev’s Mum  Dita’s 90th!  Both were real celebrations.

On Monday Jill and I went down to Shouk Ramle to search out bargains and absorb the atmosphere – the very noisy, bustling atmosphere. A market in every sense of the word the site is empty during the week, a huge covered space which holds no secret of what happens from 07:00 on a Monday morning. Market traders arrive from all corners of Israel, in time to spread out their wares in semi-permanent sites next to the Malha Train Station. From baby clothes for 5 shekels to beautiful kitchen ware; from disposable cookware to designer soft furnishings; from rows upon rows of brightly coloured sweets and dried fruits to stickers…… yes stickers, my grandchildrens favourite. In fact last time Daniel and Karen brought Joshua and Callie all the way from New York we went to visit the site of Safta’s gift purchases and took photos with the delighted owners. Jill found some delightful bargains to take back to the UK and a particularly gorgeous pseudo Sportsac!!

While Jill and I were browsing bargains Zvi took Irit Lev’s family from Seattle on a tour of the Old City. They learned so many new things, different things, special things that anyone who has not been to Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular cannot understand. They were amazed at the number of Arabs who live and work and have normal lives in Jerusalem. They firmly believed that Israel was the apartheid state the left claim and Arabs weren’t allowed here!! Gosh it makes me furious – Israel is a wonderful free society for all her citizens.

We enjoyed a total Goldstein week – lunch in Mahane Yehuda with Michael and Dorothy which was absolutely wonderful and then we had an extra special surprise when they came for breakfast with a lovely fruit salad, of course I made Shakshuka and we sat around the kitchen table………. after a tour of the verandah then later today I will be with Gloria in Tel Aviv for a chat and a coffee. Not that I will be satisfied with a short visit – hopefully we can meet again next week! What!!!! I can hear your cries of dismay from here, but don’t worry a description of our Mahane Yehuda visit follows!

Mahane Yehuda, that most Jerusalem of Jerusalem sites. It began as a place for farmers to sell their produce and today is a phenomenal bustling social experience. The costermongers still shout their wares, from incredible, “straight off the tree and field” fruits and vegetables, heaped in a glorious multicoloured display, to the designer jewellery store, unbelievable variety of halva, tisanes and spices whose scent fills the entire shouk. Dodging trolleys is the name of the game and of course meeting friends. Yaron Tzidkiyahu is a friend and an important political figure in Jerusalem and of course in the shouk where his father was one of the senior figures. Tzidkiyahus not only has the best pickles and ready food but also the best of Israeli cheeses, all kosher, all absolutely delicious. At night it changes face completely as the shutters of the stalls come down the chairs and tables come out and Mahane Yehuda becomes one big night club/bar/coffee shop and the average age goes down to 21!

On Wednesday Dr Motti Friedman, aka Mottle, came for a cuppa. I love to make a tisane from mint, lemon grass, ginger and cinnamon stick – I am happy to say that Mottle agreed. He and Zvi chatted and decided – they really enjoy each other. Mottle is the founder and emeritus expert on Theodore Herzl and any conversation with him on history is special. That’s why he and Zvi get on so well!!

And so to Lag b’Omer, the day of celebration and joy during the more sombre days of the counting of the Omer.  Lag b’Omer, what is the meaning of Lag b’Omer? Well yes it is the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer and represents the determined bringing of light to Judaism by Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai and visiting his grave in Meron. For me it is aboutRabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva was Bar Yochais teacher and during the Omer a plague raged amongst his students. Rabbi Akiva told them it was because they did not show respect one to another, they lacked love but on Lag b’Omer the plague ended and they learned respect. Hence the lighting of bonfires as beacons to respect. If only the lighting of beacons also indicated respect and love of each other today.

Today and tomorrow the Giro bicycle race is in Israel, the first time that it has been held outside Italy. It is so exciting! Today it begins in Jerusalem with 10k time trials around the Walls of the Old City and nearby neighborhoods

Finally a truly magnificent woman received the honour of the Israel Prize her name is Miram Peretz. She came from a family of emigres from Morocco who did not speak or read Hebrew. Today speaks of her heart in perfect, high Hebrew. Israel Prizewinner Miriam Peretz is a powerful woman, an inspiration to one and all. She lost two sons to Arab terror while serving as IDF soldiers. She also lost her husband to a broken heart after the loss of their first son. Overcoming the tremendous natural sadness from her huge loss, she now spreads love, joy and appreciation to all who hear her. With English subtitles, the most incredible speech.

So, what else? Music of course!!!

Netta Barzilai is the antithesis of a skinny pop star and certainly of the various country representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest. She is happily overweight, sings the funkiest song ever heard in the contest and present a totally different face of Israel. It is the front runner!! I love the song, Zvi hates it!

I just found this song and I love it! Women sing – 70 years old

So that’s it!

Shabbat Shalom to you all, wherever you may be, whatever you do, whoever you are. May your Sabbath be one of thoughtful kindness and love

With love from Jerusalem and our View from the Veranda