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A pensive shevua tov


Sunday 21st February 2010.

Shevua Tov

I intended continuing my synopsis of the fascinating Conference of Presidents Mission today but found myself perturbed by a question mark which would not disappear.

Would the world be in uproar against the perpetrators had it been Bin Laden who was killed in Dubai? We don’t know who performed the hit against Mahmoud al-Mabhouh but we know why. Hamas’ reign of terror over Palestinians in Gaza is known as are the killings of their Fatah opponents – Hamas is a branch of Al Qaeda which terrorizes the citizens of Gaza and slaughters all opponents – Israel is hardly the only one to benefit from the death of al-Mabhouh. Maybe one should look to Fatah who would find it much easier to enter and function in Dubai.

President Peres spoke to the Mission on Friday morning, starting with what appeared to be a light-hearted story, drawing smiles and laughter from the assembled group and from the President himself. He told us that he read an article which he couldn’t get it out of his mind, about a country where the official hangman died and they were unable to find a replacement. Out of some 300+ prisoners on death row 11 were not given a reprieve, but their traditional sentence of death by hanging could not be carried out for lack of a hangman. Despite advertisements all over the country no-one responded. The criteria were not high, neither education nor previous experience were needed, simply to be male and over 5′ 4″. That country was India and with over 1 billion people to choose from they could not find anyone willing to be a hangman. India’s nuclear weaponry is in safe hands since no-one wants to use it. Iran is filled with willing hangmen, indeed is governed by a hangman who is backed by fanatics and therefore must never be allowed nuclear capability.

We must never lose sight of the truth of our world’s current dangers and who are the heroes and who are the villains. I don’t know which country ordered the hit on the Hamas mastermind but the double standards which immediately accuse Israel for doing what the Allies do every day in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world is distressing and far more dangerous than removing an eager, nay avid, hangman from our midst.

The Dubai police did an excellent job – but was it too easy and obvious? One cannot deny the apparent proof but could it have been a set up?

Shevua Tov