The view from my veranda

Another day

Day 3.

9th October 2023

It is unimaginable. Last evening, parents, family, of the hostages and missing held a press conference and told how their children called them as the situation became apparent and while they were on the phone, they heard their loved one’s terrified voices, tears, shots and the jubilant shouts of the terrorists as they kidnapped them or worse. Facebook is covered in photos of young people who were at the Nature Party and are now missing

We still don’t know the numbers of those kidnapped in fact you probably see more than we do. We know that whole families, the elderly and infirm, babies, teenagers, Germans, Americans, Brits……all hostages to the most depraved act of cruelty seen in a long time. “Choser Onim” helplessness was never in the Israeli lexicon, we always knew what to do, we always knew ………… this new feeling is terrifying.

The Israeli Druze are an essential part of Israeli society and the town of Daliyat Al Carmel has opened its doors, homes and hearts to anyone from the south that needs safe haven, warmth.

The rumble of fighter aeroplanes filled the night air, one after another, a constant reminder that we have no option but to fight with all our might. No, our aim is not to raze Gaza to the ground, but to make Hamas and their hateful ilk pay for their determination to kill Jews in the ghastliest manner imaginable – to make them pay for a heinous crime. Since they have successfully avoided creating a state, they are not subject to the Geneva Convention and cannot be held legally responsible. 

We needed some groceries so I decided to pop out to our local supermarket, 5 minutes away. It was absolutely packed with lines 20-30 long at the check-outs, shelves emptying fast, no fresh fruit, but I decided to do it anyway. I managed to get all of the things I wanted, then as I was headed for the bread counter the tannoy called out “Red Alert” and asked us all to go into the secure room which happens to be the synagogue of the supermarket. People were nervous and testy but did as we were told. I found myself, together with a lovely man who gave me his seat, as the baby entertainer successfully achieving smiles from relieved mothers too. I decided that there was nothing so urgent that was worth being outside the house and, ashamed as I am to tell you, I simply left my trolley and headed home. Of course, this is me and drama tends to follow me around so, I got into the lift (elevator) and headed for the car, when suddenly the lady next to me leant on her husband and then fainted. With the help of a kind lady we lay her on the floor, determinedly keeping the lift doors open to give her air and I ran off to find water. I called out to several people until one man said yes – he had plenty and rushed to his car coming back with water. There were enough people helping her so I left for home.

We truly appreciate the Israel flag that so many countries have displayed on their public buildings and the words of support expressed by their leaders, but our concern is the days to follow when we do whatever is needed to destroy Hamas. Already “pro-Palestinian” rallies are already appearing outside the White House, Times Square, London’s Edgware Road and central areas of many towns and cities around the globe. I am sad to say that the “success” of Hamas will have repercussions worldwide.

With love, as always, Sheila