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090108 Gaza Update 6

By sheila | January 8, 2009
> 8th January 2009. > > > > Gaza Update 6 > > > > Do you remember the young Commander in the IDF who refused his own medical evacuation until all his soldiers had been taken care of? Well after medical treatment he has rejoined his troops and is back in the battle for Israel in Gaza. Colonel Avi Peled, Commander of the Golani Brigade could not imagine leaving his men to fend for themselves. This war is being fought, in general, by young conscripts aged 18, 19 and 20 who find their strength in leaders like Col. Peled. > > > > At least 4 Katyusha rockets were launched from Lebanon aimed at the Northern coastal resort of Nahariya and surrounding area this morning, most fell onto fields but one hit an old people’s home traumatising the elderly patients but miraculously no-one was physically harmed. The old people have been evacuated from the building which was their only home since it has now been declared a dangerous structure. The IDF artillery responded.,7340,L-3652692,00.html Our fears that it was a Hezb-Allah attack were unfounded since it is now apparent that it was rogue Shiite groups of Palestinians, most probably supporters of the PFLP-GC leader Ahmed Jibril , who perpetrated the act with the sole intention of drawing Lebanon into the fight to spread Israel’s resources as widely as possible. The rocket attack was denounced by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. > > > > Two nights ago the Israeli basketball team “Bnei Sharon” was due to play a game against a Turkish team in Ankara. As the players walked onto the basketball court a large portion of the crowd pulled out Palestinian flags and began to storm the court screaming abuse of supposed Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The 500 strong Turkish police force rushed the players and managers into the dressing room where they stayed for over an hour until the situation could be dealt with.,7340,L-3651926,00.html > > > > According to Dr Reuven Erlich, Director of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Herzlia; 412 armed Hamas forces have been among the overall loss of 550 killed, which is 75% of the total who are NOT civilians; 479 projectiles have been fired into Israel from Gaza, consisting of 350 rockets and 129 mortar shells, in those 10 days which is a reduction of 40%. My thanks to Tom Carew in Ireland for drawing my attention to this data. > > > > About seven years ago while in conversation with a journalist I asked him what Gaza City is like “It is overcrowded and filthy, except for the luxurious homes and restaurants of the Fatah leadership on the beach but not worse than the poor parts of Cairo or Amman. What makes it all the more fascinating is that it, and other Gaza cities, is ridden with tunnels like a rabbit warren under the crowded homes, not small, crawl tunnels, each tunnel is big enough for a camel to walk in”. At the time I didn’t understand the relevance or the critical importance of this fact, although I asked him at the time why he didn’t write about that fact since it may change the viewpoint. “My editors won’t let me” was the response, which is why I cannot give him name. > > > > The greatest danger right now is that Jews and Christians in North America and Europe, even Australia, have become complacent. Please, please read this report in > > > > > > Moshe Arens article in Haaretz > > > > If you do nothing else today, I beg of your to take 10 minutes out of your time to listen to this essential and incisive interview in order to understand the situation through the excellent eyes and ears of our dear friend Earl Cox of Front Page Jerusalem talking to Danny Seaman, Director of the Israeli Government Press Office. > > > > Please G-d, tomorrow will be better > > With love from Jerusalem, heart of our world. > > Sheila >

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