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Chag Simchat Torah Sameach


29th September 2010

Chag Sameach, Moadim le Simcha, Shana Tova and Happy Tabernacles

Britain, Italy, France, USA and Pakistan spent the last month wiping out an entire terror cell in Pakistan thus preventing a number of huge terror attacks in Europe – especially in the UK. They killed an entire cell of terrorists using unmanned drones to go in and pinpoint kill and no-one complained because no-one was aware. Why are those countries allowed to take out the killers and so save the lives of their citizens but Israel is not? We are constantly told that our pin-point killings of Hamas operatives, clear and present danger to Israel, are inhuman – maybe because Israelis are dehumanised in the press?

Barry Rubin wrote – Newsweek, in an article intended to tell us that any critique of the current government is a silly conspiracy theory, says that the Templars take their name from Solomon’s Temple, the site of the al-Aqsa Mosque. Kind of makes you wonder if in future some day they will write an article saying that September 11 took place at the World Trade Center site of the Cordoba mosque.

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry into the Mavi Marmara incident came to foregone conclusions without most of the facts and whereby the only witnesses were the IHH people on board. When Israeli Supreme Court Judge Aharon Barak agreed to go to Geneva to be questioned on the legal issues the Commission suddenly announced that everyone had already gone home!

David Irving should start a new website called hatebook and get Ahmedinejad as his first friend. While Ahmedinejad was giving his hate filled speech in the United Nations in New York, a speech including Holocaust denial and accusations that the United States organised 9/11 to create political sympathy in the world David Irving was strutting in a Polish hotel room speaking to a full audience of 10 people from all over the world, stating that “everybody questioned the reports” coming out of Europe after the war and claiming that buildings were placed in Auschwitz after the war and that Hitler never knew what the place was anyway.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the Plenary of the United Nations – not just as a speech but also in response to the hateful incitement of the speech of Ahmedinejad. The Prime Minister addressed Ahmedinejads denial of the Holocaust and also of his remarks concerning 9\/11

IDF navy boarded the yacht “Irene,” which was taken to the Ashdod port for inspection of the cargo along with its passengers. The yacht was boarded without incident and no violence of any kind was used either by the passengers or the Israeli navy. Prior to boarding the yacht, the Israeli naval ships transmitted two warnings to its captain, making him aware that the Irene was breaking both Israeli and international law. How sad that these people divert the Israel Navy’s attention from defending Israel and its citizens through their acts of provocation. This boat proudly claimed to be the Jewish Humanitarian Boat. Jewish boat? Humanitarian? Aid? Real Humanitarians would use their energy to help the Haitians who received less total aid to rebuild their stricken country than Gaza receives in one month!!!!

Succot, Tabernacles has been a crazy combination of parades, civic receptions in the huge municipal succah, children’s events at the Bell Park, Sacker Park, the Carriage Theatre in the train station and so much more. Every park and funfair was filled to overflowing and the zoo had more animals looking in than looking out!!!! The Israel Museum had daily events for children and so did the Science Museum. Tonight the children will really go crazy as they follow the menfolk around the synagogues as they carry the Scrolls Book of the Torah to celebrate the end of the reading of the Torah and a return to the beginning following the cycle of life.

As we start a new Genesis, a new year, a fresh beginning, going back over the story of how we came to be as we do each year, each century, in every country of the world, let’s pray that the world will see us for the marvellous giving nation we are and stop demonising Israel and dehumanising the Jewish people. All we want is to protect ourselves from the same terror that threatens the rest of the world, but ours is right here in our neighbourhood. In one way we are very lucky, at least we know who our enemies are.

I wish us all a wonderful year of greater understanding and if we cannot reach greater understanding of each other then at least a greater understanding of who our friends are.

With love from Jerusalem