The view from my veranda

Day 11

Day 11

17th October 2023

Yesterday you read about my reaction to one bang, one boom and my reaction, and you were concerned, for which I am truly grateful, but imagine living in a wonderful rural area, but every day, every hour, a constant bombardment of rockets and missiles, not one measly little bang. Children who have grown up in fear, hearing the siren, on a constant basis with 15 seconds to find shelter. Babies who have barely known a night’s sleep and became used to having their days and nights disturbed. So you see, my single boom was irrelevant, an annoyance and I shouldn’t complain.

This morning I went to my art studio. It was a last minute decision because we all needed to be with others in friendly surroundings. We have to keep ourselves busy. Zvi met his friends of the Tuesday parliament all thirsty for any fresh news. This evening I went to my movement class, just a few of us right next to our estate. We danced outside on the deck of the community centre with its view over Jerusalem and then we spoke about the connotations of that dance for each of us. One felt deep guilt at dancing because those wonderful young people were dancing when they were mown down or captured; another felt that she was dancing for those who can no longer dance; me, well I danced, looking over the lights of Jerusalem in the distance determined to dance in honour of those who perished, the hostages, the families, willing this country to accept the pain, accept that we cannot change what was only what will be.

An unexpected invitation for supper from our neighbours Rachel and Yehuda, was an unexpected delight. Of course, the topic of conversation was around political leadership and the horrors of Black Sabbath, the 7th. We can’t help it. As we left our house to walk up to theirs, we met with another neighbour out for a walk. “How are you? And the family?” to which she responded that their two sons and one son in law have all been called up and are down south. We responded the only way one can “Please God they will be safe and come home whole” Again, I must explain the incredible togetherness, the care that abounds, the need to do something, anything. I would be lying if I claimed that the rancour of the past months doesn’t creep into our lives. When the families of the hostages stood in silent demonstration outside the Defence Ministry, there were those who heckled them and worse, but it is rare.

Shira Ruderman is here in Israel, down South, serving food to soldiers and so much more, Jay, her husband is back home and created this podcast of a First Responder with United Hazolah who drove immediately, at 06:00 on the 7th, from Jerusalem to the scene in the South. Linor Attias tells what she found and what she did. This is essential listening.  I am so proud of the Ruderman family. Jay is a member of the Impact-se Board

Talking of ambulances, they have changed the sirens here so that they don’t sound like the Red Alert Sirens.

President Biden is coming tomorrow to show solidarity with the people of Israel. Israelis are deeply moved by his words which he has translated into action. The President will meet with the families of Americans taken hostage and of course with the Emergency Cabinet. He will go on to meet with King Abdullah of Jordan and while in Amman he will meet also with President Sisi of Egypt. In another move of solidarity UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is coming next week.

The lies abound. Today’s special was that Israel has bombed the Raffiah corridor preventing humanitarian aid coming in to Gaza. There is one main problem with that claim – the aid never came in through the Raffiah corridor, it came in through Kerem Shalom from Israel not from Egypt. The Egyptians have closed any crossings and do not give aid to the Gazans and now made it very clear that they refuse to accept any Gazans into Egypt – a statement reiterated by King Abdullah!  In truth, nobody wants Gaza, citizens always fomenting, inciting, hatred, uncontrollable. Israel took it on but left in 2005 after we realised that the population was uncontrollable and liable to go on a killing spree of the Jews who lived there. If you remember e left them viable tomato farms which they promptly burned!

Remember I said that we have to stop donating to Universities in the USA where the anti-Israel sentiment has become dangerous, so much so that Jewish students are in danger. Well Leslie and Abigail Wexner, of Victoria’s Secret fame have ceased to donate to Harvard University. It’s a good start!

It’s now late and even during our delightful supper I could see the orange stripes appear on the television screen giving the list of towns and cities with Red Alerts, missiles in the air on the way to disturb everyone’s sleep. They are still falling on the destroyed villages of the South, all the way up the coastal area, including Tel Aviv, again, all the way to Kfar Saba. There have also been a few missiles on Metulla in the North, yes, some Hezb-Allah operatives are trying to open up another front.

We need you to help us fight the inevitable media war. As you well know the world loves an underdog and although we appear to be Goliath, in fact we are a tiny country, smaller than Wales, smaller than Maine, actually Maine is three times larger than Israel! Remember my motto? If the media won’t inform us the we must inform the media. Talk to anyone and everyone about Israeli society, about the fact that thanks to Hamas, they not only slaughtered Jews they hold their own population under an oppressive regime ensuring abject poverty despite the billions of dollars that pour into Hamas coffers to buy more and more armaments to use against Israel. Please remember, Hamas = ISIS = Daeesh.

You really are amazing, each and every one of you. Your support, be it moral, financial, verbal and just sending love, is incredible and know that I don’t take it for granted. We are in what is turning into a world wide phenomenon, Jew hatred. If we stand up strong, heads held high and respond to lies with truth, we can come out the other side of this.

Sending my love, to each and every one of you. Thank you