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Gerard Butler, Bibi wins through, Airbnb

23rd November 2018

Black Friday!

Shabbat Shalom dear friends. How are you this week? I almost missed the boat on writing this week, sorry but it may be a short missive.

So much has happened, some wonderful and some depressing.

Gerard Butler is an actor who is very open about his visits to Israel and recently took part in Haim Sabans event for the IDF. In the horrific fires that engulfed many homes in Southern California, Gerard Butler lost his Malibu home, burnt to the ground. I know he wasn’t alone, many lost their homes but he received foul messages, Twitters and Facebook, telling him that they were pleased he lost his home because he supported Israel. The world has gone mad – and no I don’t think it is new or that it began in the last 2 years.

Airbnb made the decision to drop any rentals over the green line. Now perhaps you think tha tis fair, occupation and all that, but they have not dropped Turkey over Armenia in fact they have not dropped any other country no matter what the regime….. so instead of ranting about Airbnb I choose to introduce you to some other companies that don’t have such racist policies!!

Prime Minister Netanyahu may not be my choice, in fact he isn’t but this week he showed us all that he is an expert politician, out manouevering Lieberman and then Naftali Bennet. Kudos. The attempt to force new elections was in direct opposition to the PM’s decision to enter into yet another “peace” agreement with Hamas. This proved that he is unquestionably the most wily of politicians but does that make him the best?

Some years ago a group of us worked hard to persuade the then Head of the editorial staff of the BBC Malcolm Balen to investigate bias within the British Broadcasting Corporation news department. He agreed and received the funding. Some 200,000 pounds later the report was ready for publication, but it never made it. I happen to know for a fact that it revealed very strong anti-Israel bias, actually that’s not correct, it showed very strong pro-Palestinian bias and it was locked away in the deepest archives of the BBC News Dept. Somehow some of it has been leaked. Fascinating reading!

The world seems to have gone mad. The recurring tale of the scapegoat and the constant blaming of Jews for every ill on the face of the earth is again raising its ugly head, but now it isn’t limited to one megalomaniac leader, it isn’t in one country, it is everywhere. Sadly the wonder of internet has allowed the perpetrators of evil to reach and influence an entire generation that Jews are evil. Again my dear friend Rabbi Jeremy Rosen explains

So, I told you this would be a short missive. My energy levels are somewhat limited these days and I rested which means it is almost Shabbat. I am thrilled to be able to tell you that the skies are grey and the rain is falling, we so need it to heal the parched earth. I love to take photos of the incredible cloud formations, I will try to upload them onto my website.

Let me leave you with a song or two.

First a medley from the IDF! Yes our soldiers sing songs of Israel.

Shalom Aleichem the beautiful song that welcomes Shabbat in our homes

Have you noticed that in our songs every other word is Peace? We pray for it, sing about it, write about it……………… Many parts of the world honoured 100 years since the end of the Great War, the war to end all wars, and Paul McCartney chose to write a song about a very special event. A football match.–uXQQ0h-yQ  I wish us all peace an end to bickering and fighting, an end to hatred.

Shabbat Shalom, with all our love from our lovely wet veranda


If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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