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Israel’s disproportionate response – to Haiti


January 20th 2010.

Israel’s disproportionate response.

Today, the 20th of January, is the 68th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference convened to discuss the details for the final solution for the Jewish people. Today – 68 years on Israeli soldiers not only defend the Jewish State but reach out their hands and knowledge to all people of the world in their time of need. What a lucky world that Wannsee did not succeed.

I am always proud to be Israeli but my heart is filled with pride for Israel and the various groups who made up the first response, aid, medical teams in Haiti. The IDF, IsraAid and Zaka have performed miracles. The IDF field hospital made seasoned journalists gasp in amazement and one American doctor when asked by the CNN journalist why Israel, a tiny country 7,000 miles away managed to create a tiny island of sanity in the disaster of Port O Prince responded “I can’t explain it but it makes me feel embarrassed to be an American” Fox news Sky News ABC News CBS News ABC Miracle birth WABC Queens man rescued CNN Report- comparison by American doctors between what is available to them to save lives and the amazing Israeli field hospital with full equipment. BBC IDF site IsraAid

Israel’s disproportionate response to Haiti in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) – go down page to Liz Lightstone, Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine, Imperial College London Brilliant