The view from my veranda

Lester Rosenberg z”l


Once in a rare while a special Jewish leader emerges; he may be a world leader or a communal leader but what distinguishes his leadership is humility, humour and quiet wisdom. Lester was determination for Tikkun Olam and a deep love of Israel, Chicago and the United States. Lester Rosenberg z”l encompassed all of these qualities alongside his dear widow Norma.

At Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency meetings here in Jerusalem his smiling face lit up the room, ever beside his dear friend Robert Schrayer z”l. Last time I saw him we hugged and bemoaned Bobby’s untimely passing “It is hard to be in Jerusalem without him but when I see you at least my memories are shared”

Lester suffered a car accident in March 2009 which left him totally paralysed but his incredible humour never left him. His visitors were cheered by him rather than he by them. His dear friend Joel Spreyragen kept me apprised of his situation with each visit to the hospital or with the family.

It was with deep sadness that we learned today of Lester’s demise, he is a great loss to Jewish leadership and to the world. We share his family’s sorrow and pray that they will know no more sorrow. May Lester’s gentle soul rest in peace as he joins his best friend Bobby.

Sheila and Zvi Raviv