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Mid-week update – Bombing of St Georges


26th October 2009.

Yesterday a huge bomb exploded outside Canon Andrew White’s Church in Baghdad. Andrew reports that at least 132 people died and 600 were injured in this horrific blast. The damage to the church would have been far greater had a storm not blown down a huge tree at the entrance to the day before protecting the interior.

Thank G-d Andrew is safe and as far as he is able to ascertain, his staff is too.

We have become too inured to death in other parts of the world. We have become too inured to the fact that most of these horrific events are religion based. The world cannot continue as we know it if any religion, or sector of it, believes it must kill to prove it has the answer.

Life for the citizens of Baghdad became just a little bit more peaceful for a short period but now the terrorists believe they are about to win and their confidence has given them the freedom to kill.

We wish Andrew a peaceful day in which to bury those who lost their lives in this sectarian insanity and the strength to carry on.