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Mid-week update. Moshe Ami z”l

31st October 2011

Halloween, for real.

30 rockets were launched by Islamic Jihad yesterday and the day before. All 30 created the terror intended among Israelis in the South sending them running for the bomb shelters and closing schools. 30 rockets over a short period; the 28th caused great joy in Gaza and horror here in Israel.

Moshe Ami was on his way home when Islamic Jihad decided to launch a Grad rocket on the town of Ashkelon. He called his girlfriend, Elah Kostin, to say he was nearly home, just two minutes away, when his car was hit by schrapnel from the rocket.
“We agreed that as soon as he arrived we would go to the supermarket. He called around eight when he arrived in Ashkelon and said that he can go shopping,” she recalls. I told him I missed him and that he should come home. Moments later a siren was heard. I called him. At first he didn’t answer. I heard the explosion not far from my house. The second time he did answer and said that he was hurt by shrapnel”.

Moshe was rushed to Barzilai Hospital where it was found that he had schrapnel wounds ot his abdomen. His condition was declared “light injuries” – not life threatening. In the operating theatre, sadly, the doctors found that they could not overcome Moshe’s injuries and he died.

The media and the fact that we become inured to the pain of loss mean we don’t really talk about the man, the family he left behind and his own pain in life. Moshe, 56, was divorced and father to four children. Unlike so many men he chose to stay in close contact with his ex-wife and children, affording warmth and kindness to ensure family life.

Just over two years ago he decided to place his name with a couples website called “Love me” and met Elah, they fell in love and moved in together. His life was good. This man who still missed his brother who died as a soldier in the first Lebanon War, finally found love and happiness. 

I wanted you to meet Moshe Ami, to know that he, like all of those so horribly affected by this war of attrition, whether adults who lose their lives or children who have only known the fear of sirens and the 15 second dash to find haven in the bomb shelter. Hamas is no longer the most evil Islamic gang in Gaza, they actually wanted to call a ceasefire but the Islamic Jihad has the power now, Islamic Jihad is directly funded and takes orders from Iran without any go-betweens. As evil as Hamas is Islamic Jihad knocks them into a cocked hat. Islamic Jihad will not talk to anyone, they are not just evil they are the declared representatives of Iran and the despotic, evil tyranny that Iran represents.

If we respond, what will the world out there decide is a proportionate response? Are we allowed to do what others do and wipe out entire cities? Will we continue to fear what anyone says or will we do what we have to do? Just as no-one fully understood our high moral ground in our determination to bring back one young soldier in exchange for a thousand evil doers. Incidentally, our decision as to whether or not we bomb the hell out of Gaza is somewhat simpler now that Gilad isn’t there. There is a new factor in the equation however. The Egyptians, post rebellion, are very unhappy at the ruling gangs of Gaza and want to regain THEIR control of Gaza. We don’t know the outcome but it is more hopeful than the current situation.
Hamas wants a ceasefire, Islamic Jihad wants to continue the water torture of constant bombings………….. so the rockets continue. Iron dome works but we don’t have enough, their war of attrition continues but we, Israel, hum silently in our heads “We will not be moved” This is our home – not theirs – we don’t run – we speak softly and carry a very big stick.

Praying for peace, praying for anger at our constant suffering, praying for sorrow at the death of Moshe Ami. May his soul rest in peace and his family find comfort among the mourners of Zion.