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Shabbat Shalom facts on Gaza flotilla


3rd June 2010.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone.

If you are confused and think Israel was in the wrong to intercept the Mavi Marmara then you are not only a confused but far more susceptible to media manipulation than you thought!!!

Let’s begin with a few facts most of which are backed up with relevant videos below

YES this was a legal operation on Israel’s part according to international law

NO our soldiers did not start the violence – armed with paint-ball guns are you serious?

YES the “peacenik terrorists” were violent and highly prepared with gangster weapons under cover of humanitarianism.

YES they did throw a young soldier off the side of the ship while pummeling others with chains, truncheons and chains

YES They held a special prayer meeting for the downfall of the Zionist Entity (that’s us) and for Shuhada (suicide in the name of Alla)

YES this was a carefully orchestrated attack by supporters of terror

NO Gaza was not in need of any of the items on those ships because each and every day Israel is providing them with hundreds of truckloads of essential food and medical supplies.

YES the medical supplies on the boats were out of date and some illegal!!!

NO we didn’t harm anyone on the other boats ( or most of those on the Mavi Marmara) They were taken to the port of Ashdod, passed through immigration (passport control) and were taken to a holding area and then flown – at Israel’s expense – back to their countries.

YES there are currently two major cases before the Supreme Court – one brought by the left who didn’t want us to act and one brought by the Marines who want the people who beat their men arrested and tried and not sent home. Such is democracy.

YES There was a lot of shouting in the Knesset yesterday – when an MK who participated in the flotilla got up to speak.

YES the Arab Media Reported that the Flotilla Participants were Writing Wills; Preparing for Martyrdom; Determined to Reach Gaza or Die. Many of the “protesters” had thousands of dollars in their pocket….they were paid antagonists!

NO -We cannot begin to understand their mindset. One of the “martyrs” – Ali Haydar Bengi’s daughter Senanur Bengi, said “I love my father very much. I miss him a lot. He asked me if I want something. I replied him that I hope he would become a martyr.”

YES THE HUMANITARIAN TURKS ARE THE SAME ONES WHO KILL KURDS AND ARMENIANS -helping the humanitarian Hamas (the media is so keen to publish the story they neither check their facts nor notice the paradox!)

Information links

IHH (the organizers) Links to terror

The Knesset yelling

Do not lose heart though…. Some excellent reports

Minister Yuli Edelstein on Fox
and most surprisingly Delightful to see Jon Snow flummoxed by the facts!

Israeli aid to the Gaza Strip

Last but far from least in this section. Vice-President Joe Biden allowed himself to tell his truth. I spent a week with this man and this is the real Joe Biden! Obama eat your heart out!

And now to lift your heart…..
14 year old Daniel Peleg lives in Los Angeles. When he heard there was a demonstration against Israel he didn’t think of his own safety, he was not cowardly, he did not rant and rave and spit venomous hatred like the pro-Gaza demonstrators – this 14 year old simply walked into the snake pit (I refuse to say lion’s den for lion’s are noble and only kill for food) with one large Israeli flag. Brilliant – one lone high-school kid who was willing to stand up to the Palestinian demonstrators in LA. Daniel you are my hero!!!
This is the truth of Israel, not the hypocrisy and cant of the UN and too many nations who should know better. Who could possibly want to be on the same side as Chavez? An IDF reserve officer, who is a heart surgeon in real life, saved the life of a little Palestinian girl after Palestinian terrorists threw a boulder at her family’s car. I love the mother’s honesty when her husband wanted to ask the help of the IDF and she expressed fear of the soldiers

Incredibly we have time for fun too – Rihanna gave a concert – we had supper at Yosi Pekin with Batya and Bernie, we are going to have Shabbat lunch with our lovely Australian friends Robert and Anita Simons to celebrate Roberts 70th birthday- birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, movies and food, food food!

The Schalit family and supporters held a rally in Jerusalem’s Independence Park and released white doves and balloons in honour of Gilad. It is phenomenal to think that the world couldn’t care less about one beautiful young man who is held without the minimum of human rights whose release could have prevented the entire Mavi Marmara affair. Incidentally – did I tell you the translation of Mavi Marmara to Hebrew? “Brings bitterness”.

I hope this missive has informed you and cleared your minds. Please please please send it on to everyone you have on your list and use the information in arguments and debates.

With much love from a very troubled Jerusalem. We know that the title of “Neighbourhood Bully” ill fits this wonderful, innovative, generous, giving country which is the first to run to anybody’s aid and wonder when the world will wake up to it.


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