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Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem. Rivka, Zoabi, Galloway, Shimon Peres on BBC

15th August 2014
Shabbat Shalom dear friends
I had so many ideas for this weeks Shabbat Shalom. So many items of news, serious,frightening and even amusing, but it all became irrelevant when we received tragic news yesterday. A true light, a flame, the life of a beautiful woman was snuffed out in a moment yesterday as Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir crossed the road to meet the love of her life, her husband Dr Michael, and an errant driver mowed her down.
Probably the most vibrant, intelligent, warm, loving and generous person I had ever met, a true friend in every way, Rivkas tiny frame filled the room with her personality. I am beyond sad, I am devastated. I know that Rivka earned her place in heaven a thousand times with her innate Jewishness, her ability to turn every situation into a positive one. May her sweet soul rest in peace and may G-d console our dear Michael, Rivka’s Michael, among the mourners of Zion.
My heart breaks but I must continue to inform and bring you the news so I will try.
In response to reactions, both gleeful and concerned, that the relationship between the White House and Prime Minister Netanyahu have soured, the White House spokesperson said that rumour that the warm relationship between Israel and the USA are false and the arms that the media claims were stopped have already been sent. I don’t know this lady is not C J Clegg. She is emotionless, cold and her manner hardly friendly, but her message was clear. The bad press against the PM will continue but………………..
Former President Shimon Peres still seems to be the go-to person for the media interviewers. He is more than able to counter their insane accusations as he proves in this interview for the BBC He states without any question that he was for leaving Gaza, believing that it would bring peace but now, his greatest fear is that if we leave the West Bank then the same extremist will take over thus threatening Israel again.
Tomorrow night I will be glued to Channel 10, Israel, as the family of Haneen Zoabi express their anger, distress and shame toward the Member of Knesset who abuses every one of the rights given to her to deride, lambast and endanger the very country that gave her those rights. Zoabi would not have survived in the countries she so admires. A proud Israeli family with Officers in the IDF and Israeli Police. Young Mohammed Zoabi, nephew of the MK, has already endangered his own life by his pro-Israel activities on Facebook
As the evil George Galloway declares Bradford, Yorkshire “an Israel free zone” most of us yelled expletives but a group of Jews in Bradford knew better. The Bamba invasion of Bradford!!!!
Sorry guys – my mind is not on what I am doing – I can only think of Rivka and her darling Michael. I know she wants me to keep going with my writing but, hey I need to take a break. So I am going to give you some videos so that others can tell you what I believe.
Walid Shoebat who discovered the truth the hard way.
Newt Gingrich, who studied the Middle East and is one of the few who truly understands.
Douglas Murray, one of our best spokespersons.
Brigitte Gabriel who learned from personal experience that those who taught her that Israelis are bad were lying.
Finally, a very important article, written by Dr Boaz Ganor, sent to me by my wonderful friend Andrew.
OK Whenever I find life just too hard I need to touch the earth. To plant, change, prettify, move and work with my hands on my veranda, all the while calming myself with the view of Jerusalem readying herself for Shabbat. I moved some plants, changed pots, got y hands wonderfully dirty, stopping to see the view, the buildings glistening in the searing heat,  the preparations for our guests of this weekend and next week. I want Arlene to see everything at its best. Now I can tell you the good things of this and of next week
Rabbi David Greenberg, Rabbi of the Bedford, New York community, not only gave Leor funds to buy Leatherman toolkits, he came to Israel, travelled to the South, spent time with the people and Mayors of the affected towns and sought out where his community’s help was most needed.In his letter to the community for Shabbat David told them of everything he saw, of  his love of Israel and of how important it is to come to Israel- now.  Kol ha Kavod David.
Arlene and Milty Wittels have never turned away from Israel, never refused to come here because of strife, always stand beside Israel and her people. I am thrilled to say that Arlene and Milty will be occupying their regular room at the King David at the end of this week. I am so thrilled, so happy that they are coming and we will spend our Shabbat lunch on the veranda, and every second they can spare us!!!
Another  person who doesn’t listen to rumours of danger is Victor Brazil’s daughter Elaine, here with her family to tour, go to Ulpan and hopefully meet up with the Raviv family. Elaine told me that she is having a ball, enjoying every moment and feels so secure here, because this government cares about its citizens and visitors and protects them.
Soon Zvi will return from his Parliament and we will go to Abu Ghosh where there is a solidarity meeting between Moslems and Jews. I did not say Arabs because the Moslems of Abu Ghosh are not Arabs they are descendants of the Circassian Abu Ghosh family, most coming from Chechnya and have always had an excellent relationship with Israel. We want to go to stand firm with our friends in Abu Ghosh to tell them that we still stand together. From there I will drop Zvi home to sleep and I will go to see Rachel and the children, to give them a kiss before their trip to see their British family. Rachel of course is longing for some rain and cool weather. She dreams of doing one thing we did when she was a child…………. to climb up Ilkley Moor and yell!!!!
Tonight we have Shabbat Dinner with friends and tomorrow Amiad and his beautiful family and our friend John Vause are coming to lunch.
Nothing is working I am sad, I already miss Rivka, miss knowing her incredible smile has faded and her beloved Michael is alone. I can’t bear it.
The songs this week are special, ones that I believe represent our feelings. David D’Or  sings Shmor al ha Olam Yeled – Guard the world child for we did not do a good job
The second is not new to you – I have presented it before but Rivka loved it so –
With all our love for a beautiful Shabbat
Sheila and Zvi

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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