The view from my veranda

Shabbat Shalom from Las Vegas

12th October 2012
Shabbat Shalom from Las Vegas!!!!
Beautiful air, glorious mountains and a great host but let’s start with the news, good and bad, and then I’ll tell you about our San Diego leg.
The despicable Gideon Levy is creating and spreading calumny about Israel. Thank heavens for Ben-Dror Yemini to debunk Levy’s claim that Israel is already an Apartheid State. He proves that there are “lies, damned lies and statistics”or polls!!!
Netanyahus Likud Party and Libermans Israel Beitenu have decided to unify under one party. It is time to reduce the number of parties in the Israeli system and hopefully the centrist parties will also amalgamate and so too the left and the Arab parties. A three or four party system is infinitely more logical.
Hamas and Hezb-Allah, are Iranian backed terror organisations.  Hamas is currently raining salvos of missiles on Southern Israel – a virtual blitz – harming innocent people,  destroying homes , and wreaking terror among children who will never be the same. An attack from Hamas is tantamount to the puppet masters Iran attacking Israel every day. Ergo, Mr President, Israel is under attack from Iran through proxies so why is the United States still financially supporting that proxy? As this article says “Silence on Gaza rockets gives terror a green light!
The last Presidential debate, on foreign policy, turned into a battle of words at the end of which neither candidate stated that they would stand beside Israel if she were in danger of attack from Iran just that if Israel were attacked they will react. Gee thanks, by then it will be too late and another 6 million Jews will be at the end of a final solution! Listen to the rhetoric – when someone says he wants to kill you he means it!!
If you are pro-Obama then don’t watch this video because you will be cross with me. Pat Condell talks about the plight of Christians in the ME since “Arab Spring”. He tends to blame Obama but I would say that previous administrations, the West in general and the  predominantly churches that do nothing for their flock who are being systematically erased in the Arab countries, bear the blame.
If you want to see a true  leader then watch and listen to Canadas PM Stephen Harper. He is brave, moral, straight talking and incredible
If you believe the NY Times, Guardian, LA Times, CNN and BBC who claim that Israel mistreats her Arab citizens and or Palestinians then read this article by Arab Jerusalemite Khaled Abu Toameh, “Why Palestinians Want Israeli Citizenship” 
In Los Angeles Lidia took us to the Getty Museum Gardens and the Museum of Tolerance – which blew me away. The manner of the presentation and the deep effect it was having on the schoolchidren who visited left a deep impression. We visited the Pico region too – full of Jewish shops and kosher restaurants – we tested one with Pablo Nankin and found it good!!!!
We left Los Angeles on a high note after going to breakfast with my cousin Lynnes son Tim, his wonderful wife Elisabeth and gorgeous boys. I love being with friends, listening and watching and learning but you know guys – a cousin is a cousin!!! I am thrilled that this most British of gentlemen has settled into the Los Angeles life and even has a son with an American accent!!!
Later that day we said goodbye to our lovely hosts Lidia and Mauricio as Becky Guttin drove all the way from San Diego to collect us! Indeed, since they had no idea how much luggage we had Becky’s adorable father Fallo came too! We all fitted into Fallo’s car and Becky was an absolute trouper driving us down south to San Diego to cousin Becky’s home.
The next few days were a blur of family, food and fun as it was Zvi’s turn to be thrilled by family and memories, sweet and bitter, of his 5 years in Mexico as a teenager. These cousins, Becky and Sylvia, share his memories in a way no-one else can, no matter how close. We were honoured to see the fabulous art of Fallo and his love letter to his beautiful wife..on canvas.
What impressed me most throughout our trip, is the incredible support for Israel and unabashed determination to show Jewishness in every way from all our friends and family. Mostly not religious they are all deeply spiritual, honour the traditions and love Israel.
Ilana and Eddies children – Alan, Jessica and Denise are a perfect example. All three go to Jewish schools, all speak and read Hebrew, in addition to Spanish and English – even the little one who is only 6, and they are deeply Jewish in their souls. Their artwork from school oozes Jewish knowledge without the children even realising it. I loved it and I could see the pride in Zvi’s eyes at his little cousins achievements
And so from Gan Eden to S’dom……….. Las Vegas!!!! For Zvi the bright lights and constant activity is the ultimate fulfillment of man’s imagination and for me it is the gaudy noise of obscene opulence!! Our host Richard is yet again incredible. After he and his wife Danit took us all over Boston and New England he has now volunteered to take us around in Las Vegas. Yesterday he took us to the Hoover Dam which, although not the largest dam in the world showed the innovation and determination of one American President to resuscitate a dying economy through public works bringing pride back to a despondent America. In the evening we went to see the Cirque du Soleil performance of “Love” – quite phenomenal especially since I could sing along with the Beatles songs!!
So dear friends, as we reach the last portion of our trip, we celebrate another Shabbat away from Jerusalem, the family and the view from our veranda. The mountains around Las Vegas are beautiful but nothing, nothing compares with the spiritual beauty of Jerusalem. This has been an amazing journey, seeing the United States as she goes through the election process. What amazes me most of all is the devotion to party, irrespective of candidate, that pervades all aspects of the elections. So few are willing to cross the line in either direction because the candidate fulfills their requirements. Amazing. In Israel the politicians cross the line if their own party doesn’t fulfill their requirements!!!
Enough of politicians, enough of strife we must bring our thoughts to sweeter things; to the serenity of Shabbat. I leave you with a beautiful medley dedicated to Israel and Zahal (the IDF) by Dedi Graucher
Shabbat Shalom with love from Las Vegas