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Shabbat Shalom from Sheila – Gaza, rockets and London


17th July 2014

Gosh, I hadn’t realised how hard it is to be so far away during times of war. I know what is happening, I know what the truth is for Israelis, I am horrified at the half-truths told but don’t know what to do about it!

The current situation is very much one of “The whole thing started when he slapped me back”. Everyone is suffering, Israelis suffer air raid sirens, but because our government has provided bomb shelters and our building codes demand at least one room of every home is made of reinforced concrete; because we inform our population of security codes; because we spent our time developing defensive weapons like Iron Dome which not only saves Israelis but does not harm others, we are confident. In the media we look as if we are overly strong, but we just defend ourselves.

On the other hand, sad to say, Hamas actually wants people to die in order to raise the sympathy level of the media. Don’t just believe me, watch this video of an Egyptian television reporter on the situation of Hamas. Ismail Haniya enjoying the good life while the civilians of Gaza suffer horribly.

On the other hand, we do everything in our power to prevent the loss of innocent life. We abort operations if there is doubt. However, this is war, yes this is war. Do you honestly think the British or American troops didn’t harm the hair of the head of any Iraqi or Afghani children? “Collateral Damage” was the cold and cruel term for the deaths of innocents in THEIR war. A botched up war it was too. Double standards are racist, that’s the only word I can find.

Not all is bad! My wonderful step-son Leor, has been on Miluim (reserve duty) for over ten days now. He was called up and despite being the father of 3 little girls and running a huge department of a large company, he did not hesitate- he knows his duty. Anyway, Leor realised that so many of his IDF company had rushed from home that they were missing many of the simple necessities of life. He spoke ot one of his soldiers whose cousin runs a new radio station, English speaking, in Jerusalem. He called Josh Hasten and through a single appeal on the radio Josh managed to raise enough funds to buy all the necessities. Josh is a very busy man but had time, or took time to help the beautiful boys and girls on the border. and Josh’s radio station is called Voice of Israel

It was at the border that a man decided to bring treats for the soldiers. He was hit by the schrapnel from a Hamas rocket and died. So sad.

At the same border just one day later, the Erez Crossing where all the aid passes from Israel to the Gazan people, a huge explosives laden truck on teh Gazan side of the crossing was blown up, luckily damaging just 9 cars not human beings, but it stopped the medical supplies and food passing into Gaza -Israel was probably blamed for stopping supplies!

Our lovely friend Teresa, visiting with her family from near Calgary, Alberta, responded to my question after her welfare said this

We completed our 2 week trip to Israel yesterday and have now arrived home. I asked my kids of they wished they had come at a more peaceful time and they said no. They said it has enriched the trip to manage the sirens because they now know how Israelis must feel when going to the shelter. We have learned many good things. We were sad to leave Israel. No one in our group would hear of leaving early. Our prayers are with Israel at this time.​

In Paris a synagogue, apparently many, was attacked   and 400 French Jews came on Aliya this week. It is infinitely safer to be in Israel under fire than Paris under hate. There were attacks in NYC, Boston and Montreal too.

Since you already know I  am not at home but rather on a wonderful sojourn in the UK. Days of good emotions whereby, for the first time in very many years I and my three siblings were in the same country, city, road, room, together – the original four. It was a wonderful experience filled with joy and love even if, in the final count, my sisters still think of me as the baby sister. I grew up!!!! Yesterday was even more emotional as I watched my New York grandson play with my London grandchildren and huggled my baby NYC grand-daughter for the first time and got a smile!!!

The grandchildren are arriving soon and I never ever let my work interfere with grandchildren!!! However before I go I wanted you to see two very important videos. It is a long time since I put Pat Condell on my newsletter (apart form last week!!!!!) but here are two very important ones.

One is about the Guardian newspaper – one could replace it is NY or LA Times – Hates Israel with Scandinavian Intensity the Guardian – Pat Condell

The other is possibly more contentious – but true.

Pat Condell claims we patronise Moslems by holding them to a lower standard . Journalistic cowardice is rampant

Not Liberal – liars and hypocrites who in fact are not tolerant – indeed their intolerance toward anyone who disagrees is often violent.

We are the first generation that has not needed to defend its freedom and it shows – we do not defend our way of life.

And so I must end before heading off to Willows Farm. To everyone that I did not contact, please please understand. I had 6 day, two with my London children, two with my siblings and now two with my NYC children. I love you and think of you but this was a flying visit with a specific purpose.

I will be in Jerusalem for Shabbat, stopping in Givat Ze’ev on the way home to see my Jerusalem grandchildren. I hope we will have guests for Shabbat Dinner – it is all ready in the freezer, but if Rachel prepares any salads or Challah for me it will be received with gratitude!!!

I want to leave you with a strange song, a beautiful song, one that sums up all our problems in a musical nutshell – the Beatles and All you need is love

With love from London – looking toward Jerusalem