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Shabbat Shalom letter


Friday 30th July, 2010.

Shabbat Shalom

Israel suffered a terrible tragedy this week when an IDF helicopter carrying six young officers went down while on a Romanian/Israeli military exercise. Those who lost their lives are Lt. Col (Res.) Avner Goldman (48); Lt. Col. Daniel Shipenbauer (43); Maj. Yahel Keshet (33); Maj. Lior Shai (28); Lt. Nir Lakrif (25) and Sergeant 1st Class Oren Cohen (24). May their souls rest in peace and their families know no more sorrow.

Oliver Stone, whose horrendously violent and sick movies are no longer in vogue resorted to an equally violent response for his inadequacies. So Hitler was right eh? Let’s see if Hollywood has the ****s to shun him as they didn’t with Mel Gibson’s “in vino veritas” outburst. By the way, if it is true that Americas Jews run the media and politics why is their press and the State Department so anti-Israel? At least Haim Saban, unlike the ADL, decided that Stone is persona non grata and is prepared to cancel his option
Khaled Abu Toameh wrote two outstanding articles this week. Palestinian Victim’s No-one Cares About which addresses the maltreatment of Palestinians in just about every other Arab country and Palestinians in Gaza invest $20m. in new resorts concerning local tourism and investment in Gaza and the West Bank in resorts and lunar parks– British PM Cameron should read it before currying favour with the Turks!

Ishmael Khaldi is a Moslem diplomat; Ishmael Khaldi is an Israeli diplomat, the former Deputy Consul in San Francisco and senior advisor to Minister Avigdor Lieberman; a fact which crushes media truisms; that Avigdor Lieberman in particular and Israel in general are anti-Arab. In the words of Ishmael Khaldi “If Israel were an Apartheid state I would not have been appointed”

A Major Humanitarian Medical Conference has been held in Israel under the auspices of Stan With Us. Medical students, medical aid workers and doctors from all over the world attended. Kol ha Kavod Stand With Us

Who is a Jew is once again an urgent topic. MK David Rothem tried to devolutionise the conversion process but his Knesset Bill was shot down by both Ultra-Orthodox and Reform leaders and the process remains in limbo. Many Russian immigrants are awaiting conversion and an answer must be found to their dilemma. Please read Rabbi Jeremy Rosens honest approach to the impasse. 
Antithisis – the Zionist Rapper- makes Aliya. Samuel Green, the British Zionist rap artist whose profits go to charity, makes it clear, Israel is the place for him. Samuel, keep up your great hasbara work and remember that the adventure of Aliya is the natural result of your Zionism

The City of David is exceptional in both its beauty and its history. Enjoy this virtual visit

Jill and I were sitting in the Mamilla Mall “people watching” while drinking a delicious Café Hafuch. We were mulling the glorious rainbow of humanity which passed us every moment. Ultra Orthodox, Priests in long black robes, girls flirtingly dressed, Moslem women in long robes, black, white and pink tourists and then I saw her…… a strange vision of a woman with Payot (side curls), kippa (skullcap), tzitzit (fringes), short shorts and red high heels!!!! I am all for the rainbow of humanity but surely there is a limit!!!

David Cameron is the Conservative Prime Minister of the UK; Conservative governments have traditionally been pro-Israel but Mr Cameron quickly showed his true colours, as indeed did Mr Obama in the USA. Each and every one of you can do your bit. Write to your local politicians, national politicians, representatives at every level and don’t wait for a response before writing again!!!! Write, talk, speak out, research your facts and respond. Being PC and polite is fine in ordinary social conversation but holding back and prying for the best is not the way through this. Speak out and speak up! Finland has a tiny Jewish community but they, together with Christians for Israel, stood up and declared their support for Israel at a particularly rabid anti-Israel demonstration! Leo-Dan I don’t want you to think your community goes unnoticed!

The moonrise over Jerusalem has been spectacular over the last few days. I guess it is recompense for the unbearable heatwave we are suffering!! The Shabbat cooking is over, as the top floor in our building I get all the aromas but do not return them….. thus my wonderful family tradition of fried gefilte fish balls stays my secret while I am privy to Shoshanas Kubeh soup; Michal’s Hamin; Rivka’s Syrian rice with sweet prunes and pine nuts; Daisy’s sweet peppers filled with rice and lamb; ah I could go on for hours but will content myself with my own kitchens culinary delights…unless of course I decide to pop down to Shoshana for a quick taste!!! The veranda is even more beautiful than usual. The pomegranates growing and plumping out to be ready for Rosh Hashana; the Kumquats still like tiny olives before becoming beautiful orange fruits and of course the tiny orange tree which has been beaten by the heat and only has 3 fruits and finally my herb garden. Suddenly we have a garden since putting down artificial grass….. yes I know ….I laughed at the idea too but when one has only ceramic tiles as an option then artificial grass is the closest one can get to luxuriating in green!! Zvi was amazed to find himself talking about “our garden” as he sat on the 4×3 metre carpet!!!

Last but not least I want to express gratitude and admiration for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Ileana is Israel’s strongest and most loyal friend anywhere in the world of politics. She stands behind her loyalties, never hiding behind party politics and is a true leader. Please read discover what morals and ethics politicians should follow. Thank you, dear Ileana. Zvi and I are proud to call you and Dexter our friends.

Shabbat Shalom to you all wherever you may be in this wonderful wide world. Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem the heart of our world, my home and yours.