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Shabbat Shalom letter from Jerusalem


26th March 2010.

Shabbat Shalom

While lying to the Israeli Prime Minister, claiming to be Israel’s best friend, The Secretary of State spoke to the Russian counterpart, in the name of the American Government and said that Israel must move back to the 1967 borders, while aware of upcoming war plans by Israel’s enemies and of Russian involvement in that war which was omitted in conversations with Israel – his proclaimed best friend because it was not convenient.

The American Secretary of State sold Israel down the line for political and diplomatic gain. IT IS ALL RECORDED AND WE ARE NOT TALKING OF OBAMA OR HILLARY BUT OF HENRY KISSINGER AND NIXON! Nothing is new under heaven – it happened between JFK and Ben Gurion, Eisenhower, Nixon indeed almost all American Presidents and their closest ally “the democratic State of Israel”. Qura’esh works for politicians irrespective of creed – make a promise break a promise as convenient.

The Soviets had 15,000 top troops in Egypt in order to protect poor little Egypt from “the Israeli Aggressors”. In the Yom Kippur War the IDF faced “blue eyed Egyptian Troops” as the Russian military advisors fought on the side of Egypt. During the 6 Day War the Soviet’s also had many planes in situ so that they could attack the Dimona Nuclear facility – Kissinger knew everything from his talks with the Russians but decided it was better for the USA not to tell us!!

Gideon Remez and Isabella Ginor’s book “Foxbats over Dimona” from which the above facts were learned and at a lecture at the Truman Institute, Hebrew University this week

Obamas newest demands are utterly without balance – no demands have been made upon the terrorists only on the terrorized. It is time YOU, as voters, tell him so. We know will have to make “painful concessions” we always knew that, but those concessions must not endanger Israel even more or disenfranchise Jews or Christians or Jewish holy sites. Demands must also be made upon our neighbours. Israelis want to be free of terror, free of fear, free to pray and visit our holy sites as we allow others the freedom to visit theirs; it is our holy sites that are being stolen and overtaken not anyone else’s; we have proven we are willing to pay the price but not the entire bill – it is a shared account.

Nile Gardiner

Bret Stephens

It is almost Passover, a time when we celebrate our release from slavery to freedom. We cannot accept this kind of extortion from anyone let alone our friends. With friends like this who needs enemies? We were sold up the Nile for a barrel of oil. President Obama – NO YOU CAN’T

Mr. Obama, no you can’t send our Prime Minister packing in the middle of a top-level meeting because Michelle told you to come to table!!

Mr.Obama, no you can’t bully us; Israel has been bullied by bigger and better men than you and we still produce more brilliant thought per capita toward a better world than any other nation.

Mr. Obama, no you can’t let down many of your contributors who believed you when you said you will stand by Israel.

Mr. Obama, your team is the Chicago Bulls not the Chicago Bullies!

Brits and diplomatic expulsions! When a British diplomat at the British Consulate in Jerusalem was found training Hamas for the EU as an MI6 operative, Israel threw him out but kept it quiet rather than embarrass a close ally.

Israel stands accused but many nations wanted master terrorist Mabhouh dead. The Daily Mail newspaper revealed that 10,000 fake British passports are issued each year, their response is disproportionate especially considering the enemy within. Please listen to this British Sheikh talking of his intentions toward a future Islamic Britain – with Buckingham Palace as a huge mosque when they depose Royalty Don’t feel smug that this is happening in Britain – you have the same extremists in YOUR country!

Israel is a courageous country with medicine and education for all irrespective of creed or colour a haven of democracy in a swamp of tryanny. Our leaders, left, right and centre, must choose what is best for us, for Israel. We will continue to give more than is proportionately possible to our world; we will continue to be creative and not smoulder in our own destructive anger as do our neighbours.

In the meantime Israelis carry on with our Passover preparations; we have survived far worse and will rise to the top of any situation – despite unsympathetic friends.

It began as a gentle rumble and grew to an earth shaking, grinding, scratching noise – the sound of moving furniture rises and falls as dust mites quake in their tiny shoes all over Israel! It is already over a month since I began to talk about the cleaning process but now it has come to its zenith. Judy Lash Balint counted 20 steps to Passover – I feel as if there are 200!!!

A friend noticed that Israel’s weather and flowers both fit the lunar calendar of Judaism. The pomegranate tree barely shows its first light green leaves yet the large scarlet flower buds are already peeping out between the nearly bare branches. A carelessly thrown tomato seed, left over from a barbeque no doubt, has produced what can only be described as a Triffid which hopefully will give us many tiny cherry tomatoes. The view of Jerusalem has been misty lately, not because of Obama but rather the haze of dust which still lingers. Today it is supposed to rain heavily and the dust will be washed away to reveal Jerusalem’s whiteness, our city will sparkle anew, ready for Passover.

A great big Mazal Tov to Steve and Shula Daren and their son Sagi and wife Ditty for bringing a beloved new member to our family just in time for Pesach!!!

I wish you a good Shabbat and wonderful Pesach and a hopeful future.

With love from Jerusalem, the city to which we pray each and every day of our lives.