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Shabbat Shalom letter

17th August 2012
Shabbat shalom!
I just want you to know that I am not, nay I refuse to discuss whether Israel should or shouldn’t attack Iran and whether or not an attack could cripple or destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities. I am so tired of the hype when in fact none of us knows what really, but really could or should happen and even less about what is truly happening in Iran. It feels as if I am caught in a movie like Wag the Dog where one cannot believe anything for the amount of words spouted by politicians and media – it makes it hard to differentiate between truth and hype. President Peres decided to weigh in with his opinion this week – which blind-sided the Prime Minister – while entitled to his opinion he should not express it publicly without consultation with the Government.
What is truly behind the trans-Atlantic machinations over Iran and attack or not? Is it all pre-election plotting so that Mr Obama will suddenly come up with a solution on November 5th? This is an excellent explanation of the current situation.
I have long felt that India and Israel have far more in common than we have differences. Born at almost the same time; partition was as a result of fierce fighting between the Moslems and Hindu both of whom claimed the same land; people on both sides were displaced but only Pakistanis demand reparation; India thrived on her brain power while Moslem Pakistan goes into deeper and deeper poverty; the Moslems that remained in India fight against India from within; Hindus who found themselves on the Pakistani side of the border feared for their daughters and forced conversion to Islam. India also has a neighbour with Nuclear capability which threatens them on a constant level and fight over land claimed by both countries, Kashmir, which almost brought them to an all out nuclear war. Sanjeev Bhaskar, a British born actor comedian whose family came to Britain after partition, 60+ years ago, decided he wanted to find his fathers village and the BBC recorded his journey, He was amazed at the difference just crossing the border to find the village his father lived in as a child. It makes fascinating stuff – watching it as an Israeli. If you have a chance watch the series.
I know it is getting boring, but there is yet another “Freedom Ship” filled with well-intentioned but utterly ill informed lefties off to free Gaza from the apparent “siege”. This ship, SV Estelle, is leaving Gothenberg in Sweden for Gaza. Make no mistake, since any fool knows that vast amounts of both physical and fiscal aid pour into Gaza where the standard of living is a million times better than 90% of countries around the world, these people use Gaza as a front for their very real hatred of Israel .
I don’t understand what is happening in Egypt. As Morsi, the Moslem Brotherhood leader says he wants peace with Israel while reviewing the Camp David Accords, is allowed troops in Sinai against the peace agreement, hopefully to clean up a lawless and violent situation, sacks his Intelligence head for not listening to Israel’s warning about the attack on his troops and then sacks his entire military leadership. All a bit much for me to understand but her eis a possible explanation.
I share a hero with Professor Alan Dershowitz. Professor Irwin Cotler is a fine, honest and moral politician and a fine academic, and one of Israel’s most important defenders. Please read the beautiful and moving letter Professor Cotler wrote to Count Dr. Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee concerning the 11 Israeli athletes slain at the Munich Olympics 40 years ago.
While talking about Canada, a country which he displayed great moral stamina concerning Israel, despite rather frightening anti-Israel activity on University campuses, their national airline, Air Canada’s magazine talks about Jerusalem
Congratulations to our good friend Katherine Fernandez Rundell who won the elections for State Attorney for Miami Dade for her 5th term. Well done Kathy!!!
Cary Greenberg is a friend. We have never met although we share a friend in Irit Lev who introduced us by “cyber shidduch”. Cary has become one of my most involved readers, taking Israels case more and more and with greater and greater confidence and knowledge. Sacramento Council decided to become sister city with the Israeli city of Ashkelon. As with any issue concerning Israeli it became a bone of contention as local protesters came armed with what I believe to be racist Anti-Israel placards. Cary arrived at the Council to support the bid for sister city, and met a Rabbi who had an idea for silent support. Her is what Cary wrote – “I am not as religious as most. Last night I put on Tefillin at a Sacramento city council meeting where they were to make the decision as to whether or not Ashkelon, in Southern Israel, was to be our sister city. The Palestinian contingency was there with it’s usual misguided supporters including self proclaimed Jews for Peace holding placards denouncing Zionism. I felt so proud wearing Tefillin for the third time in my life to make a statement without saying a word. I think I felt as proud as Ali Reisman did winning her Olympic gold medal after floor exercises to the tune of Hava Nagila.” Well done Cary – the power of one+one+one+one and congratulations to Sacramento – the new sister city of Ashkelon.
Last week I told you about Zvi’s choir “Ha Kol Yehcasi”s win at the national choir competition finals in the Tel Aviv Musuem. Well now you can hear them – sorry about the quality of the picture due to the psychedelic lighting behind them!!!
This week was busy without doing anything exciting to report to you!!! I spent a great amount of time on Skype seeing my sisters and getting first hand reports of a big family event. My beautiful Great-niece Carly married her James in a beautiful wedding in Wales. Her parents did her proud and her grandparents looked pretty amazing too!!! I really wish I could have been with them but, that’s life I guess.
Every so often I see a video which gives me goosebumps and this video of Israel’s Pavarotti did just that.Yevgeni Shapovalov came as an immigrant to Israel with little but his incredible voice. Now, his Hebrew is excellent, his voice superb so please, just listen as he sings Hatikva in the magical surroundings of the Tower of David Park within the Tower of David Museum. My special Shabbat shalom gift this week is a wonderful video which shows Israel in her full glory!!
So remember Cary’s story and his message of determination to make a difference.
Shabbat shalom dear friends. I wish you a peaceful, meaningful week
With much love from Jerusalem, our Jerusalem, King David’s City, Capital of Israel.