The view from my veranda

Shabbat up-date – soldier kidnapped. A fine ceasefire

1st August 2014
Shabbat Shalom – Shabbat Shalom, a prayer more than a greeting.
At 09:00 this morning Hadar Goldin, an Officer in the Givati Brigade, stood with his soldiers in Rafiah, Gaza, conducting a search, just minutes into the cease-fire, when a Hamas gang, headed by a  Homicide Bomber came out of a tunnel and exploded his lethal package, right next to Hadar and two other soldiers. It is known that the two soldiers died instantly from the explosion and sadly the belief is that Hadar died also. He was very close to the bomber.
The horrific implication is that Hamas simply took a dead soldier to gloat over their success. Body snatchers in the worst meaning of that foul expression.
I pray that I, along with the military experts, am wrong. Whatever the situation we will not leave without him and his captors will pay a heavy price.
It is small consolation that we kidnapped a leader of Hamas’ rocket battalion.
There is a fierce battle taking place right now in Rafiah. Many many Hamas fighters are gathered in one place and soldiers are in a shooting battle with them. I do not know what the outcome will be but please, befriend me on Facebook (Sheila Silver Raviv) for updates. I try to keep you in the picture.
Mr Kerry said today “The Palestinians will be able to receive medicines, food and be able to bury their dead” during the 72 hour cease fire. He refrained from saying that even as the rockets were flying Israel was passing hundreds of truckloads of medical and staple foods to Gaza.
Sadly we too must bury our dead. A cease fire for humanitarian reasons suggests guilt on Israels part. We had no choice. Never forget that simple but essential fact when your anti-Israel or ignorant friends attack you with lies. We didn’t start this and don’t want it. We hate no-one.
I look out of the big picture window, over the flowers and fruit trees of the veranda to the view of Jerusalem. Everything looks so normal. How many homes are in mourning as I look at the white buildings, what sorrow is hidden behind their wall? Why is the world blaming us when we truthfully did not start this war?
Shabbat Shalom. Here is your song. “Hope is strong in your heart, don’t lose it. If peace doesn’t come now then in one year”¬†
Sad – so sad.