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Shalom from Jerusalem – Gaza Up-date

20th July, 2014
Mid-week update. Operation in Gaza
As you probably guessed I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, although I was a fan of her husbands; however…………. in this interview with the self-hating Jew Jon Stewart she really put him in his place by quoting facts on the situation in Gaza
Bill Maher – everything you didn’t understand explained in this discussion. “The bigotry of high expectations”
Five soldiers of the IDF died defending our freedom, our right to exist
Amotz GreenbergAdar Basano, Bar Rahav, Banya Rubel,​ Eitan Barak​, may their dear souls rest in peace
These wonderful young men died close to home, to Israel, on the edge of Gaza in our determined destruction of the first 15 tunnels, built specifically to bring arms and terror into Israel close to Kibbutzim
An Israeli Bedouin was killed and his family injured when a rocket fell near a village but on open ground. Our hearts go out to his family and we wish a speedy recovery to all especially his 3 month old baby. There were many complaints that his village was not protected but it was not registered, illegall​​y built, never paid taxes or land tax and so not eligible for shelters. We mourn him as we mourn all Israelis.
In their determination to kill, to cause havoc, to murder Israelis they have many ruses – one was a man who approached soldiers to request help, when they got close in order to help him he pulled a grenade. Thank G-d they overwhelmed him. In another case they sent a donkey, yes a donkey, loaded with explosives. The poor donkey’s load was discovered.
Innocent civilians died in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and so many other places and no-one cared. Israel responds to unbearable constant terror and suddenly the world cares about human rights- human wrongs.
We have our home grown ignoramuses, who turned up in Sderot to protest the war. The people of Sderot were infuriated and suggested vociferously that they go and protest in Gaza. Those craven quislings didn’t even get off the bus – they ran back home!
If you feel you are far away from trouble in the USA – read this survey of the worst anti-semitic campuses in the USA
Feeling depressed at the lack of understanding in this world? Just watch this Standwithus video.
If you are searching for responses to arguments try these
Israel, unlike the Allies in Afghanistan, Iraq indeed all operations, does not describe civilians as “Collateral Damage” when killed. We describe them as innocents killed by accident.
1. Israel does not have the luxury or sending troops overseas – our enemies are right on our borders.
2. Israeli boys and girls leave their jobs, their families and at a moments notice go to wherever they are needed. They do not go to fight a distant war, they are often a few kilometres from home protecting their family and all their friends families. It is personal.
3. If one were to try and put the accusations into perspective one could say that more Afghanis and Iraqis died than Americans or Brits.
4. More Germans died than Brits in WW2; when bombs were dropped on London, Coventry, Cardiff, Britain and the Allies wiped Dresden off the map by dropping bombs and incendiary devices on the heart of that city, killing anything from 50,000 to 70,000 civilians. In an attempt to kill the leaders of the Nazis in Copenhagen, the Allies missed their target and bombed a childrens hospital.
This is war, it is not pretty, it is not kind, it is not clean, but at least Israel does her very best to target only terror cells and Hamas HQ’s. It is hard when they hide behind children and families.
In the world’s condemnation of Israel they did not even bother to announce that in Mosul, Iraq, ISIS announced that all Christians must become Moslems or die. Consider that Hamas sides with ISIS and come to your own conclusions.
I leave you with two songs. One a prayer for the wellbeing of the soldiers of the IDF
The second, sung by Shai Abrahamson, Cantor of the IDF in a prayer for the peace of Israel.
With love from Jerusalem,

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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