The view from my veranda

Shana Tova 5773


Dear Friends, dear loyal friends – Shana Tova 5773

Looking back over the last year I want to apologise if at any point I have offended you or said or written anything that may have hurt you or your sensibilities. It is my intention to inform but I am human and occasionally my emotions come through. You are important to me, important to us and very important to Israel so please forgive me.

My prayers for next year are multitudinous but I will make a list of my most important desires and prayers.

  1. Greater understanding that violence and anger bring only violence and anger
  2. Greater understanding that teaching hatred begets hatred
  3. Tolerance – Sovlanut – to understand each other and accept our differences with love (
  4. That the people of the great United States will elect the man who THEY deem best for their country and that he, whoever he may be, will recognize that his actions and leadership affect the entire world in every way.
  5. That our little but immensely important country will be recognized for her huge achievements and tolerance rather than for being endangered.
  6. I pray that the leaders of once great countries with ancient traditions will recognize the importance of their history and not allow it to be changed
  7. I pray that Jews, and Christians, but at this time of year I concentrate on Jews, will stand up and be proud of who and what they are. If you choose not to be religious or traditional that’s your choice and none of my business, but be proud of who you are and our traditions and history and don’t denounce them out of ignorance! Remember that Israel is based on the Tenach, on ancient teachings, on tolerance and acceptance and above all accept that we live in a very tough neighborhood – this isn’t Westchester, Knightsbridge or Chadstone, but our life is joyous and our search for knowledge insatiable!
  8. JerusalemJerusalem – if I forget thee oh Jerusalem. I love this city, I love this heart, and I want to be free to pray and live as and where I wish and allow the same right to others, but demand that right from them.
  9. Finally I pray for your health, joy, fulfillment and determination for Tikkun Olam. Don’t allow the media to dictate your mood, you be a vessel for change within your family, your circle, your town, your country… We can all do it!

So we are on the very edge of the five thousand, seven hundred and seventy third year of Judaism – 5773 – Be proud, be strong and be positive.

To my beautiful children, all of you, mine and Zvi’s, I am proud of you and want you to be the upright, thinking, kind and honest people you have become. I wish you health and joy and that your children smile up at you with pride.

I wish you and yours a good year and much love and don’t forget to Dip the Apple!