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Shevua Tov special update

Motse Shabbat – 12th December 2011

Shevua Tov – a good week to you all.
I decided to send you a special updae today because of three special issues. The first is the new video produced by Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon; the second a new book from the Palestinian Media Watch team and the third a conversation I had with Canon Andrew White.
Spread the word about the third and latest YouTube video by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, ‘The Truth About the Refugees’.
The video explains the issue of the Palestinian and Jewish refugees in a clear and concise manner, providing important messages for those interested in Israel. Send it out far and wide – it should be seen by as many people as possible to break the myths and ensure the truth becomes common knowledge.

Press release:
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israeli research institute studying Palestinian society and its leadership through its Arabic language media, today announced the release of Deception: Betraying the Peace Process, a new book describing the systematic hate speech used by the Palestinian Authority (PA) even as they portray themselves to the world as pursuing peace
I am thrilled to tell you that this Ancient Sefer Torah has been rescued in Baghdad and on its way to Israel, but 365 remain.
Please read what Canon Andrew White says – you or your community can save these precious Torahs. Canon White will do the rest but it must be soon before the troops leave Iraq.
” We have 365 Sefer Torah Scrolls in the museum. They all live thrown on the basement floor amongst the rats who are eating them. Iraq does not look after anything Jewish properly apart from Ezekiel’s tomb. Every thing Jewish has been taken and plundered and the Jewish homes just taken.”
When another correspondent suggested one should not take antiquities from Iraq Andrew responded –
“The Torah Scroll is not a museum item, it is for worship. I am not in favour of removing things from Iraq but they have no appreciation of any thing jewish. They forced 100,000’s of Jews out of Iraq with nothing. This scroll does not belong to Iraq as a land it belongs to Iraqi Jews and it should go back to them. You can’t rid the nations of the Jewish people, kill them and still threaten them and keep their things.
You know how much I love Iraq but I hate what the have done to the Jews and how the masses still talk about them with hatred.”
Wishing you a fine week
With love from Mevasseret – right next to Jerusalem