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Shevua Tov


17th January 2010.

Shevu’a Tov

Our hearts went out to the people of Haiti – and not just our hearts. Israel has teams at the ready at all times to be the first response for disasters worldwide and the Israeli teams were ready to fly to Haiti to assist. I am so proud of the IDF search and rescue teams and the 40+ doctors and 400 other staff who flew to Haiti, landed on the supposedly inaccessible air-strip in an El Al aeroplane and set up a field hospital. I am also proud of Zaka teams who understood the essence of Pikuach Nefesh (saving a soul) is of ultimate importance, broke Shabbat and managed to save the lives of 8 people. Even CNN realised that the IDF were the heroes of the piece since everyone else just talked!!!



Arrival and work in Haiti

The rescue of a Government official


A few hours ago a happy event occurred in Haiti when a child was delivered in the field hospital and the name the proud parents chose for the baby? Israel!!!!

Zvi is recovering from surgery in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The staff are phenomenal; Israeli Jews and Arabs and Russian immigrants make up the medical teams from senior surgeons through department doctors, nurses and general staff. Each and everyone has proven to be caring and efficient. In the surgical waiting room for the families there is a screen showing the progress of the patient through anaesthetics, surgery, recovery and the time that the family can go to visit in recovery. In my enthusiasm for the surgery to be over I bought Zvi a huge Superman balloon and hung on to it for dear life for the long duration of the wait. As the doctor called my name to go in to see Zvi the balloon freed itself from its tethers and floated to the very high ceiling. Eight fully grown adults worked for ten minutes and finally retrieved the balloon so that it could take up its rightful place on Zvi’s bed!!!!

The young Arab in the bed beside Zvi told us that he was driving his car without a licence which is why he didn’t stop when challenged and wound up getting shot. We later found out he was drug-running!!! The care and attention he gets from the staff is equal to everyone else… although the Arab doctors make it clear they are not thrilled with him! On the other side of Zvi is a young Ethiopian from Ashkelon who is really unwell and no-one found his problem until he got to Hadassah. Opposite an elderly Haredi man who only spoke Yiddish and his American wife and daughter and beside him a marvelous Haredi doctor of psychology and his delightful wife. Yup – the full rainbow of humanity and out of the window…… Jerusalem Hills and the almond blossom!

Finally the real reason for this Shevu’a Tov –


Mazal Tov! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles…… Thank G-d a million times that Kinneret Chaya not only lives – she thrives and enjoys every second of her truly miraculous motherhood!

Have a wonderful week

With all my love from a still mild but about to become a very wet Jerusalem!