The view from my veranda

Sirens and Mazal tov from Jerusalem

20th November 2012
Excitement! We just had a siren in Jerusalem! I grabbed my coat and with Zvi we went down one floor to the enclosed stairwell of our building and consoled our terrified neighbour, while waiting for the sound of the boom. It was very distant, apparently in the West Bank again. They just told us it fell near Bethlehem. This is a swan song, an attempt to go out with a “successful missile” on Jerusalem, Israel’s capital before they are forced to cease fire.
There were many missiles over Ashdod, Ashqelon, Sderot and all the towns and kibbuztim near Gaza and they suffer Tseva Adom every few minutes, unable to live their lives – children cannot go to school because we don’t want them all in one place; parents therefore cannot go to work since they cannot leave the children; the elderly or infirm are in real trouble to move fast enough and we have to live with the stupid international media telling us we are oppressors!!!!
Isn’t is strange – they keep trying to get rid of us, for whatever reason – and like so many before them they don’t succeed. We are strong and we are loyal and we are the Children of Israel!!!!
I intended writing today anyway because as I was on the way to repair my cell phone, which kept losing battery, when Zvi’s phone rang I had his phone because mine didn’t work. I didn’t quite recognise the voice since it was filled with emotion. I then picked up the inflection of Yaffa, Kinneret Chayas mother, through her joyful tears……..KINNERET CHAYA HAD A LITTLE BOY AT 05:00 THIS MORNING!!! I couldn’t stop my tears too. What perfect revenge! What a beautiful birth in the middle of insanity! What a delight! So uplifting! Isn’t this a true miracle that a woman who 11 years ago was given a 2% chance of survival; a woman who was burned on 85% of her body is a married lady and now has two glorious little girls and a perfect little boy.
I am satisfied.
We will be fine guys – please don’t worry.
With all our love
Sheila and Zvi back at home!!!