The view from my veranda

The Horror of Yesterday

8th October, 2023, the day after the most horrific day in Israel’s history

If only I could unsee the sights of yesterday.

If only I could undo the evil of yesterday

The enormity, the cruelty, the terror, the vile inhumanity to man.

The devastating loss to this tiny country is incomparable

Israel is not only a tiny country in size; we are less than 10 million Israelis of all religions.

The relative numbers are greater than 9/11 – hundreds dead, thousands injured, many taken hostage and tortured, from tiny babies to the elderly including Holocaust survivors. Their fate is too terrifying to imagine.

Youngsters at a “Green” music festival were mown down or taken hostage, families in the agricultural villages killed or taken hostage…… and so it goes on. Children in a safe room on a kibbutz while their father sat outside the door gun in hand. They heard the outer door open, noise then shooting and they had no idea if their father had died or succeeded in killing the terrorists. Thank God a million times that at least in this one instance their father managed ot kill the terrorists.

We left Gaza in 2005 and have been feeding them ever since, free food, free electricity, free fuel. It was through one of those humanitarian borders that hundreds of terrorists poured in to Israel with brazen confidence and began their killing spree.

I wanted you, our dear friends, to understand, it isn’t the rockets and missiles that scared us, they were just noise, a diversion tactic causing fear and destruction, it is the lives lost, the lives destroyed, the fact that now we have no choice but to go to war and kill, our boys and girls of the IDF are forced to kill.

One young friend has lost four close friends and there are three more who he cannot find. Perhaps that puts it into perspective for you. Parents, children, friends are on our television screens begging for any sign of life of their loved ones.

The time will come, sooner rather than later, for our leaders to take responsibility for the fact that there was one lone soldier guarding the border post, that our secret services were caught unawares when 20 young women usually sit watching every tiny movement, even a bird is considered suspicious that our supposed leaders lost the plot. Never forget, the buck stops with our supposed leader. Mr. Netanyahu, take responsibility for the fact that Hamas understood our weakness and killed, maimed and tortured untold numbers of Israelis

May God keep us all safe.


To follow, The prayer for the State of Israel sung by IDF Chazan Shai Abramson