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Update letter – PM Netanyahus speech to Congress

24th may 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech before Congress may 24th 2011 received 50 rounds of applause and 30 standing ovations – yes I counted every one!!!! As you know I have not always been a fan of our current Prime Minister while never doubting his ability to speak brilliantly but today he said what is on our heart – OUR heart and I was very proud.
He said that we want peace above all but not at any price. We want recognition of our existence, we do not and will not give up on our capital city, we are the only democratic country in the Middle East and ironically the only Arabs who are free to demonstrate against their government are those who live in Israel! There were three subjects he did not raise which surprised me but it was a genius speech and his humour won the Congress.

My eyes were on Joe Biden whose hands were clearly seen behind the PM as he spoke. Mostly he applauded politely, several times he held himself back by grasping his hands together but ultimately his personal views broke through and he applauded heartily and then he stood to acknowledge the PM’s words.

President Obamas speech prior to the PM’s visit to the White House – don’t be too quick to decry his words– look at them carefully and you will see that he is not giving into the Palestinians, indeed his words were careful but he made it clear that any land exchanges must ensure Israel’s security and must include their recognizing the Jewish State of Israel. It appeared that his speech before AIPAC was softer because he had a Jewish audience but in fact that speech was also going before an American audience and he was very aware of the impact of those words too.

Prime Minister Netanyahu speech before AIPAC

Finally a small contribution by me -Let Obama come to Mahane Yehuda and see the freedom of all the incredible varieties that make up Jerusalems rainbow of people. When I can achieve that same freedom in our neighbouring countries I will be ready to talk to them.

With much love from a very proud Jerusalemite
As Bibi said “Israel has no better friend than America. And America has no better friend than Israel. We stand together to defend democracy. We stand together to advance peace. We stand together to fight terrorism.”