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Update – Terror attack near Eilat

Two buses were attacked today on the road near Eilat. The first bus attacked was full of young soldiers on their way back to base. There were also officers on board who got everyone ot lie down and the Egged bus driver saved lives because he simply kept driving despite the shootings. Another bus was attacked, current reports suggest it was hit by a rocket attack; also attacked was a military vehicle which drove over a land mine. Five people are reported dead in the triple attack, apparently among the five are a family of four whose car was hit in cold blood. The police are searching for further terrorists before they escape back to Gaza.

The three terrorists of the first attack engaged the IDF in a gun battle and all three were killed. The Security Services believe that the terrorists came through the border with Egypt. Jordanian security forces are helping Israel in their identification process and search for any further terrorists.

It is my belief that the first incident was a foiled attempt at kidnapping soldiers.

Furthermore it is almost certainly an attempt by Hamas to derail Fatah attempts to declare statehood in September.

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