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Yom HaShoah 2023

18th  April 2023

27th Nisan 5783,

Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today at 10:00 a siren will sound throughout Israel to send out the message that we have not forgotten those who perished because of hatred, because too many are convinced by words of hatred and the horror of racism is yet again raising its ugly head.

I have never met Paul Mirbach, we are friends on Facebook, but his words describing this day in Israel touched my heart. I asked his permission to use his words to convey the importance of remembering. Remembering that while so many perished the few stood up and fought with enormous courage. HaGevura means courage or bravery.

“Like mist softly rolling down the mountain into the valley, gently and quietly, so too does the atmosphere here in Israel slowly become solemn, almost as if in psychological preparation for Yom HaShoah veHagevura. We breathe it in to our lungs, and we become more pensive, quieter. Our thoughts turn to our history, as we seek a personal connection, to make the day more tangible and meaningful for us.

The emphasis this year will be on “veHagevura”, as it marks 80 years to the Warsaw uprising (that ironically began on April 19, the day after Yom Hashoah, 80 years ago), an act of heroic defiance against an unbeatable enemy. It has become a source of pride, mixed with both sadness and an inexplicable desire for retribution against those inhuman tormentors, who we can no longer hold responsible, because they are no longer among us.

Not nearly enough were brought to justice. But the State of Israel is the most appropriate response to what they did to us. At least it has been for the last 74 years.”