The view from my veranda

Zvi’s tumble


19th February 2021


Good Shabbes dear friends.


I just wanted to drop you a note to explain why I’m not writing my long missive today.


Yes we had snow, albeit for a short time and yes President Biden and PM Netanyahu had an hour and a half long conversation, apparently a very friendly one, and yes we are out of closure but life has been a bit too exciting lately.


Two young grand-daughters came to stay to see the snow, which doesn’t fall in Nes Ziona! On Wednesday, we decided to take them for a lovely walk in the Park ha Mesilot to see spring flowers. was an exciting day. It was a freezing cold day, but we had fun pointing out all the glorious spring wildflowers, cyclamen, almond blossom, lupins and bright red poppies. Then it happened, Zvi tripped and fell flat on his face – literally – from his 2 metre height flat on his face. Broken nose + 8 stitches on his nose, abrasions on all his joints. Luckily he had taken his glasses off because they were steaming up.

I tried to lift him after checking he could move, but wasn’t successful and he couldn’t lift himself. Two cars stopped to help, the men lifting him up onto a bench, taking care of him, stopping the horrendous bleeding, and waiting with him while I raced to bring the car to take him to hospital…..Both families were Israeli Arabs…..both helped without even giving us their names so that we could thank them. I want you to know that they were Arab, Israeli Arab families, because all you ever read in the media is that we fight each other all the time which just isn’t true. They were superb.


In Shaare Zedek emergency they did all the tests, CT of his head and so on and then he came home.


In the meantime he is turning all sorts of colours on his face, black and blue, but being very brave. I just took him back to Shaare Zedek because the pain in his right arm suggests that the X-ray missed a hairline fracture.


So as you see – I have too much on my mind, and two grand-daughters who will wake up to find that Saba is back in hospital emergency!!!


I wish you, and us, a good Shabbat.

With much love from Jerusalem