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November 29th – Kaf Tet b’November – is a most significant day in Jewish life – the official Birth of our Nation.

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In February 1947, Great Britain, which had controlled the mandatory territory since 1917, decided to turn the issue of the Palestinian Mandate over to the United Nations. The UN established a Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOP), which recommended the establishment of two states – Arab and Jewish – in the area and Jerusalem as an international enclave.
The Jewish population – while dissatisfied with the small size of the territory allotted to their state in contradiction to the promises made by the League of Nations in 1922, as well as the plan to sever Jerusalem from the state by internationalizing it – accepted the compromise. In sharp contrast, the Arab states and the Arab residents of the Mandatory territory rejected UNSCOP’s recommendations out of hand.

The UN General Assembly held a vote on the partition plan and on 29 November 1947 UNGA Resolution 181 was adopted by 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions.

So much has happened in the history of this tiny country despite the media impression we are not just about wars! This video, entitled “Israel Today” is a return journey for a young man who came back home.

Israel today is a wonderful, thriving, democratic, fiscally successful and incredible country. Israelis are free, expressing their opinions openly and frequently. Israelis are leaders in hi-tech, medicine, bio-tech, nano-technology, agriculture, bio-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, hybridisation of crops to ensure large yield for minimum hydration and desalinisation of brackish water. All of the above not only benefit Israel but Israeli companies and governmental bodies provide humanitarian aid to third world countries.

Incredibly, the BBC wrote an excellent article about Israel today and why this country has succeeded where much bigger countries have failed.

I am so proud to be Israeli, proud of my country, proud of my nationality, proud of our generosity, intelligence and initiative – proud of my people.
The United Nations is no longer the organisation it was formed to become after the League of Nations was disbanded because it was unable to prevent World War 2, but this one decision – United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 changed our world.

Let’s all give this amazing little country, prayed for, prayed to, dreamed of for 2,000 years – let’s give a standing ovation for Israel. Rita, Israel’s premiere singer, sang Hatikva at the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I was there, standing and singing with her and you may just hear the sound of my tears of joy as she sang.

Remember this day, remember the way the world was and be proud of that decision, Resolution 181 to form the Two State Solution to the Middle East. Jordan and Israel – a country for the Jews and a country for the Moslems.

Remember, remember the 29th of November.
With love from Jerusalem, capital of the State of Israel