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About Sheila

About Sheila

My name is Sheila Raviv and I live in Jerusalem, Israel's beautiful Capital City.

I made Aliya from Wales in 1990, fulfilling a dream from my first visit to Israel in 1963.

During the Second Intifada I came to understand that Israel's story was not being told by the international media and somehow the Israeli Government was not succeeding in their information machine, the true story was not being told. I started writing, at first to family and friends, describing the situation on the ground here and then to leaders and politicians who asked to receive my updates, when I created the motto

"If the media doesn't inform you then you must inform the media"

I firmly believe in the power of one, of each and every one of us to change the world for the better and to persevere and transform the perception of what Israel stands for.

I have three wonderful children and my husband Zvi has two wonderful boys. Between us we have 14 grandchildren on three continents. The work we do is for them, to ensure that their world will perceive Israel as the amazing, generous and moral country, the epitome of Tikun Olam, that she truly is.


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