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29th November 2012
Shabbat Shalom to every single one of you!
65 years exactly since the historic United nations vote declaring a Jewish State beside a Moslem State in the Middle East. . Mahmoud Abbas is nothing if not thorough in his rewriting of history especially in the UN.
Please please listen to this amazing British Anglican Clergyman Peter Mullen speak about Israel.
Why are Christian deaths never reported on the front page? This time it is Nigerian Christians who yet again were attacked and killed by a car bomb while in church. It is pandemic, it is diabolical, and the worst thing of all is that no-one seems to care. Church leaders join the BDS movement to boycott Israel, the only place in the entire Middle East where Christians thrive in freedom. They stay silent because they seriously think that it will save their flock in Moslem countries. Terrifying!!
Tom Carew is an exceptional Irishman. He incredible support for Israel knows no bounds in the hostile atmosphere of disinformed Ireland and I admire him enormously. GPO Peace Rally in Support of Israel on Sunday, November 25th. He writes
Rarely were those 2 National Anthems belted out with such feeling and conviction as at 15.57 PM at the end of the rousing Rally on this particularly wet Dublin afternoon, but the steady rain did not in the slightest dampen the spirits of the True Freedom Fighters – but the very few scowling hard-core agitators who hovered around looked as dispirited as they were damp – and as usual, very many of them obviously not local. And taking photos from the footpaths. But only 2 or 3 flags between them.” From that rally the Irish politician Richard Humphreys

There are more demonstrations in Tahrir Square – this time against their newly, democratically elected leader, Morsi. So what did you honestly think would happen if you elect Moslem Brotherhood to power? Freedom for all and sweetness and light? Of course he was going to pass an edict that he has supreme power over everyone!! When will the West learn that democracy without even the basis for democratic process is insane! See Khaled Abu Toamehs article on the issue How Hamas is Trying ot Fool Everyone

Israeli requests to the UN to halt Hamas rockets and missiles You cannot begin to guess how many times! The following link staggered me. I knew we, Israel, had asked for international recognition of the clear and present danger the people of Southern Israel suffered on a constant level but had no concept of how many times we sent requests to the United Nations – hundreds. These figures are from 2004 – 2008, can you imagine the next four years?

Temple Shaaray Tefila sits in an exclusive Upstate New York town and most of its congregants are equally comfortable – however, they have a leader who doesn’t let them sit back and be comfortable, he ensures that they are hooked in to the reality of life and their deep, deep connection to Israel. When I spoke to a group of “Empty Nesters” I was deeply impressed by their knowledge and interest and of course, the fact that Sari Singer had introduced them to Kinneret Chaya. They didn’t just sit back they helped KC receive treatment in Boston and they adopted her with love.
When I wrote to Rabbi David Greenberg about the work of IsraAid and their work helping the clean-up for those who suffered from Hurricane Sandy, he not only invited the young Israelis for Friday night supper he put out the call for people to help the young Israelis in their work. Members of the community, armed with hammers, wrenches, saws and assorted tools plus a packed lunch, spent their Sunday helping the people of Breezy Point. Ellen Cohen, one of the volunteers writes “I can’t stop thinking about the woman and her 13-year old son whose house I was working at–they stayed in their house during the storm and had to be rescued the next morning. The water came up to the doorknob. Mikki (of IsraAid) was wonderful in taking us to the houses that needed help. He is compassionate and calm–two important traits to have when working in a disaster area.” Kol HaKavod to Rabbis David and Stacey……… real leaders into Tikkun Olam. Go to IsraAid’s page on Facebook where they are loading pictures of the Bedford team.
Gosh it is hard to keep up with Israeli politics. Political parties come and go and apparently so do leaders and ministers! Let’s see, this week Ehud Barak announced he is leaving politics, but then if Bibi wins and wants him as Minister of Defence he would come in as an outside appointment. Tsippi Livni announced the founding of a new party “HaTnuah” The Movement, since after talks with Ehud Olmert he said he is unlikely to re-enter the political scene………. but then he may change his mind after the Saban Conference in the States this week. In the meantime Shelley Achimovitch (Labour) and Yair Lapid (the new party “Yesh Atid”) who joined forces, are cross with Livni for having a big ego and refusing to join them. Benny Begin and Dan Meridor didn’t make the list for the Likud Party and since the people who did make the list are really quite far right it is now uncertain that Bibi, who was thought to be a shoo-in, will actually achieve enough MK’s to build a government! Are you still with me? OK Now, Shelley Yachimovitch who was considered really far left for the Labour Party proves herself to be centrist and supported her arch enemy Netanyahu in his defence efforts and may join………… Oy Vey is Mir, my head is spinning!!!!
I am so upset that Australia decided to abstain from the UN vote on the founding of a Palestinian state.Prime Minister Julia Gillard (a good Welshwoman) lost her battle to persuade her party to vote against the PA. In Britain they said would support a Palestinian bid for a diplomatic upgrade at the United Nations only if they received assurances that the Palestinians would return to peace talks and not seek to prosecute Israelis through the International Criminal Court, an assurance they will never get. They hae 56 Moslem countries to vote for them- US, Canada, Myanmar, Micronesia and who else loves us?
I wonder what would happen if Israel supported the Palestinian desire for recognition? Would they then be responsible for the actions under the Geneva Convention and have to behave responsibly…… what are your thoughts? Do you accept a new State that refuses to allow other religions to “occupy” it? The Palestinian Authority is yet another Moslem State…….. Israel is alone, lonely and the only Jewish State in the whole wide world. How cynical of Abu Mazen to choose the 29th of November.
Never, but never feel sorry for Israelis – chances are we lead a much better life than most of you – maybe less money and certainly higher taxation (take home is about 25-30% of total salary!!) but an infinitely better quality of life!!! The quality of life here in Israel, despite our rotten neighbours, beats that of Italy, France, Japan and Britain. The only Moslem country above us is the United Arab Emirates which is soaked in oil and doesn’t allow immigration, least of all by Palestinians!!! We always knew that the level of satisfaction with life was high here, but it is now official
Sufganiot! In Israel the true sign of the upcoming Festive season (Chanuka) is the plethora of flavours of Sufganiot. Not mundane Latkes but rather sophisticated multi flavoured doughnuts!! Favours this year are crème brulee, capuccino , tiramisu from Roladin where fillings come in special vials which you squeeze into the centre or in the case of the alcoholic ones they are a chaser!
The shopping Malls are full with people buying Chanuka gifts. Toys, housewares, perfumes and here we buy books, we still read books indeed we live up to our name as “The People of the Book” and of course everyone stays to eat, drink wonderful hafuch coffee and chat with friends.
Whatever the United Nations decides today, Israel is ours, always will be and it is worth remembering that all the civilisations that tried to wipe us out have disappeared and we are here to stay!!!
Shabbat shalom dear friends. I cannot describe the slowing traffic today but I just went out onto the veranda and saw one of natures most spectacular sights…….. the moon rising, huge and round, over the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem… If I forget thee…………
I leave you with an absolutely beautiful prayer for the IDF and pray that this UN vote does not strengthen our neighbours determination to take our city, our capital, our Jerusalem.
With love