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141118 Sadness in Jerusalem – Terror attack on Jews at morning prayer

18th November, 2014
I wish to G-d I did not have to write this letter but write it I will because you need to know.
This morning in the religious neighborhood of Har Nof, Jerusalem, at 07:01, men were saying their morning prayers, prayer shawls about their shoulders and phylacteries on their foreheads as is commanded; two terrorists walked in to the synagogue armed with machetes and guns and hacked four Jews to death, maiming and injuring 13 others.The lives of 5 others hang in the balance including two policemen that rushed to the synagogue when they heard the gunshots.  So far there are 26 newly-orphaned Jewish children
The terrorists knew each and every one of the men they attacked. One was the janitor of the synagogue, one worked opposite in the convenience store; both were Israeli citizens, with blue Israeli ID’s, both were incited to hatred by others and found themselves capable of the most horrific of all. Perhaps they saw the Da’esh broadcasts of beheadings because this is no different.
The immediate reaction of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal was to announce that Israeli Arabs are in the best position to slaughter Jews since they have freedom of movement. The terrorists were from Jabel Mukaber (next to Armon ha Natziv) and the UN HQ was just a tiny village with 10 houses and during the last Intifada while we were busy with exploding buses they built thousands of houses and imported residents from Hebron.
The BBC barely mentioned it; CNN on line actually said 6 people died in an attack, 4 Israelis and 2 Palestinians after the suspected hanging of an Arab bus driver. The bus driver, a respected member of Egged, committed suicide but the Palestinian Authority spread a rumour he was killed.
Until the world wakes up to the horror of what these people do, that it has nothing to do with human rights or supposed stolen lands, that their single intent is to kill Jews, this will not stop. Thanks to the vast sums of “aid” and the evil UNWRA Hamas is currently the second wealthiest terror organisation in the world but they will not spread the wealth to provide succour to their people because then they will not be angry.
Israel does not release the names of the slain until their families have been informed and until now just two names have been released – Rabbi Meir Twerski, renowned and highly respected Rabbi and humanist.
Reb  Avrohom Shmuel  Goldberg originally from Liverpool in the UK.
May their souls rest in peace; their families be consoled among the mourners of Zion. Baruch Dayan Emet.
Jerusalem is crying; Israel is crying; I am crying. Will no-one wipe my tears?
With love

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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