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150212 Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem. Netanyahu Congress, Justin Welby, CBS Simons, Ron Carner, Daniel arrive

12th February 2015
Shabbat Shalom dear friends. I hope you are well and that life is being kind to you.
As you know, I search for songs and poems that express my thoughts. This quote from Edward Yashinsky perhaps is the most fitting, the most apt.
“Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you. Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you.
Fear only the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth.”
The big debate of the week concerns the Israeli Prime Ministers decision to appear before Congress despite extremely vocal opposition from the White House. The American administration claims that a speech this close to Israeli elections is considered electioneering. The White House was, apparently, informed by the Speaker of the Congress of Mr Netanyahus visit. Here in Israel Isaac Herzog of Israels Labour party, now called the Zionist Group, maligned the PM’s decision in a speech during his visit to Europe, suggesting that the speech before Congress breaks the election rules – but publicly maligning ones political adversary before elections is not. Our Attorney General, Adv. Yehuda Weinstein, has investigated the proposed speech in detail and came to the decision that it was not electioneering and was completely legal by the very tough Israeli election regulations, thus, despite the best efforts of Meretz Zahava Galon, the speech will be broadcast in Israel.
William Booth witnessed a chilling event in the Gaza Strip on Thursday: thousands of youths lined up “in crisp military fashion” for a “graduation ceremony” after a week of training by the armed wing of the Hamas movement. Even as thousands of Gazan families struggle to survive amid the rubble of last summer’s war with Israel, and children are reported to be dying from exposure, Hamas is once again investing its resources in preparing for another unwinnable battle. 
The reality defying news this week tells us that the PA studies details of each terrorist act before issuing salaries to the families. Newly obtained documents show meticulous process by which martyrdom status, payment levels, honorary ranks are determined
I need you to write to CBS to complain!!  Bob Simons the legendary reporter was never a friend of Israel and often gave deeply slanted reports. In this interview Simons disgraceful statement was given as proof of his honest reportage. “When Bob Simons was talking to an Israeli General he said Sir you are one of Israels finest generals so why do you kill children”  Disgusting!!!!
The Archbishop of Canterbury said he was “often deeply embarrassed” by failures of the Church of England in tackling anti-Semitism. Justin Welby said people should be shocked by the rise in anti-Semitism and described it as “blasphemy”, as he hosted the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism at Lambeth Palace. “The need for increased police patrolling of Jewish neighbourhoods in response to security concerns was a “peculiar and remarkable obscenity when we are in the midst of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz”, he said.  For those who think that nothing is being done in the UK against anti-semitism – hear this wonderful speech against the recognition of Palestine. Baroness Deech at her very best. According to Lord Stone, Lords Mitchell, Mendelsohn, Palmer, Leigh, Winston, Farmer and Baroness Ramsay also spoke with great eloquence.
The Israeli elections reflect the ultimate democracy – I don’t like the system but the safety nets are outstanding. For instance not only is the Supreme Court Judge overseeing the election committee an Arab but two people were before the Central Elections Committee facing disallowance to stand for the Knesset, one Hanin Zoabi and the other Baruch Maazel Today  Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran, a Christian Maronite, chaired the first stage of MK Hanin Zoabis defence against being excluded from taking part in the Israeli elections for her constant support of Hamas and being on board the Mavi Marmara and Baruch Maazel for his extreme views concerning Israeli Arabs. Ultimately th eSupreme Court will make the decision
We love Ron Carner. We never made a secret of the fact and now, after this interview we love him even more! The President of Maccabi USA Ron says “When we bring our young people to Israel, sport is the hook but they have a 6 day experience of loving Israel.” 
If any of you had any doubts as to the future leadership of the Jewish people – fear no more. This is a video of the Standwithus Israel in Forcus Conference as they spontaneously broke into song “Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu” – Peace will come to us.
 Alan Parsons was the brains behind so many hit records he has lost count, from the Beatles to Pink Floyd and many more. Alan Parsons chose to ignore the words of Roger Waters (formerly Pink Floyd currently anti-Israel activist) and performed before a huge, appreciative audience this week in Tel Aviv, appeared on Israeli television and generally came out as a really good guy.,7340,L-4625372,00.html
There are some people in this world who are natural leaders, irrespective of physical stature or gender. Neri Bloomfield z”l was one such person. To be with Neri was not only to enjoy her exceptional wit and elan but to understand that one was in the company of a strong leader. Sadly this week Neri passed away leaving her children, Harry and Evelyn and her daughter in law Nancy and son in law Raphael and grandchildren mourning, yet enjoying a rare and precious legacy. Neri Bloomfield philanthropist extraordinary. Rest in peace.
Shir ha Maalot – Song of Songs, is both ancient and  modern. It is beautiful, haunting and a prayer to Hashem to hear our imprecation
I loved this video about non-Israeli (non-Jewish) reactions to Israeli food. Very funny, I don’t know what they expected!!
Today one of my two greatest prayers will be answered. My eldest son Daniel is coming to visit us in Jerusalem with his beautiful family, Karen, Joshua and Callie. It is so hard to be far far away from ones children to say nothing of grandchildren, and today I will be waiting at the airport, arms open wide, waiting for my hugs. I love Skype but there is nothing like the real thing, no matter what their age the pain of missing them never leaves. This year I have not been able to visit New York, which makes this Friday night dinner all the more important. Rachel and her family are waiting on tenterhooks to see their cousins and Rachel to get her “big brother hug”.
On Shabbat Zvi’s boys and their families will come to see their cousins and get to know each other. Gosh I can’t wait to show Joshua all the incredible childrens activities in Jerusalem – the Childrens Wing at the Israel Museum, the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Latrun Tank Museum, Ein Yael Nature Park and the Biblical Zoo and hopefully he will also get to fulfil his dream of an archaeological dig. Maybe we can go to the chocolate making course at Kiftsuba!!!
So that’s it from a very dusty Jerusalem. We couldn’t see a thing for two days because the Sahara came to Israel in the shape of incredible sandstorms and gusting winds. It has almost cleared from the air but most gardens and verandas are filled with sand. Apparently the sand is full of minerals which enrich the soil which proves that even the Sahara could bloom if only they would spend their money on irrigation instead of irradiation!
I can’t wait to see Joshuas beautiful little face light up when he sees his cousins and as we drive back from the airport to Jerusalem and he sees the incredible vista, nay panorama, of Jerusalem laying before him as we go over the heights of Samuels Tomb. The sun came out for him this morning……… just for Joshua.
I was deeply moved by this video of the Israeli Navy celebrating Shabbat on board ship. What are they singing? Peace unto you, angels of peace. Only the IDF.
With much love from Jerusalem, the heart of our prayers, the 2,000 year dream that came true….because we willed it.

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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