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150701 Syria, Sinai, ISIS, London Metropolitan Police are great!!The week after London

1st July 2015
I hope you are having a good week and that you will have a good Shabbat. We leave for Greece tonight, yes we are taking plenty of cash not relying on banks, and will celebrate Shabbat in Kapernisi. It is always special to hear the entire choir sing Kiddush…… beautiful.
So you guessed why I am writing now, I intend resting in Greece!!!
Ramadan, Holy Ramadan, Blessed Ramadan, a time for introspection. That’s how is should be, but here in Israel and the disputed territories it is a time of racist incitement as Imams take advantage of our freedom of prayer. As a result there have been individual killings – attacks call it what you will, as young people carry out the wishes of their religious leaders. So sad, so sad.
In Sinai nearly 50 Egyptian soldiers have been decapitated Such barbarity Such cruelty.
Syria and the slaughter continues, if not by ISIS so by the rebels. It never ends. Indeed slaughter continues all over the Middle East and Africa and to top it all ISIS has taken to decapititating women for sorcery, witchcraft – we really are in the Middle Ages!!!  What does the UN do about it?  They censor Israel!!!!
Not everything is bad however. The Metropolitan Police in London were determined to find a hook on which to hang a legal basis to stop the horrendous Neo-Nazi demonstration at Golders Green Station on Shabbat. (Golders Green is a very Jewish neighborhood) Well they succeeded!! The Chief of Police has retracted their licence and moved them to the middle of London, restricting numbers and times. I love this picture because it tells the truth of London not the imagined situation.
This article tells it all – this is Israel
Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a physician and Muslim intellectual:
“I found myself on one of my visits at Hadassah hospital [in Jerusalem]. I have visited many hospitals, but the most exciting thing was actually when we were in an elevator in Hadassah. I was with a very busy doctor, and I looked around the small, packed elevator. What I saw around me was a Muslim lady in an abaya and hijab, next to her a man who looked like he was from the 18th century with a striped jacket, white socks and a special hat, next to him was a man with payot. In front of me was the busy modern-Orthodox doctor, and I am the one who is the Muslim who looks like she is secular…And I realized that…all of my worlds collided in this elevator. And they don’t collide anywhere else. It is little moments like that in which you can’t help but become a Zionist.”
And another, Israel helps California with its constant drought problem – even though some Californians tried to boycott us!!!
Wonders will never cease – a pro-Israel article on BBC!! All about our very real fears of a nuclear Iran
I hit the ground running when I arrived from London. We have had wonderful guests who chose to go out rather than make me work!!! They did their visit to the veranda then we left. The Claars came with us to the Opera in Sultans Pool – amazing. I love them and their determination for Tikkun Olam.
We visited Zion ha Gadol with the Gandel family, Linda, Ian, Nicky, Steven and the newest member of the family, the lovely Jo-Ann. Our guest was Professor Gabby Barkay and we went to his sifting site (together with Jacobo Eizen) and after Gabbys rivetting tales and explanations Jacobo found a piece of Byzantine Glass!!! 
On Friday we went to Kibbutz Beerot Yitzchak for Nitzas birthday party (that’s where I left you I think) and it was really wonderful. I also managed to catch up with Tsippi, a dear friend of Jill – and mine!!!
We also managed to touch base with David Efron who came to Israel for two reasons. One is to help his daughter Libi to pack for her years MA course in the States and the other was to collect his papers as Israels Honorary Consul to Puerto Rico. Mazal Tov David.
In the meantime we packed, Zvi has been working with Eli Yaron and others to put the finishing touches to their video and amazing choir disc made in the Hariton Music Centre – I’ll send it to you when I have the link.
Finally today Julio and Monica Jarak came for the day and wanted to go to Mahane Yehuda and the Kotel – and we managed to fit it in between packing, organising our insurance, seeing my grandchildren, and preparing the inevitable pills which tell our age!!!!
So that’s it. I am sure I left so much out but it is hard to speed type!!!!
I may not write on Friday but then I just may!!!
With love from the ever beautiful Jerusalem. I hate leaving her but each time I come back I am astonished and excited anew.

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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