The view from my veranda

160422 Shabbat Shalom Chag Pesach Sameach, Hillary, Trump, Bus bomb


Fri, 22 April 2016 = 14th of Nisan, 5776, י״ד בְּנִיסָן תשע״ו

Erev Pesach

Gosh, I really didn’t think I would manage to write today, with 27 people coming to us for Seder night, but all is cooked and prepared, the tables are laid and I couldn’t leave you in the air with such an important week.

Jerusalem was shaken out of her sense of “The Singles Intifada” when I suddenly looked from my veranda, as Rachel and the children left our place, to see a pall of black smoke rise from distant Talpiot, right next to Beit Tsafafa. The ambulances, fire-engines and police sirens began invoking memories of the 2nd Intifada and although the Israel police took time to confirm it, at first believing it was a mechanical fault in the bus engine – it was indeed a homicide bombing. The bomber, the terrorist was severely injured but didn’t die. He was taken to Shaare Zedek hospital and given medical care equal to that of the young girl whose life he changed utterly in his moment of hatred. Ultimately he succumbed to his injuries. We are so sad, so sad, that the hatred continues to the extent that in the Ramallah people stood handing out candies in celebration.

UNESCO has decided…………. The Temple Mount, the wellspring of Judaism and Christianity, is not Jewish and therefore not Christian. If the Temple Mount is not Jewish and Christian then we don’t exist presumably.

Through a friend, Michael Gal, I learned a new expression – confirmational bias. It means that one only listens to information which confirms your prior and self-serving thoughts. It clearly represents most students, a large number of politicians and certain Israelis who disappoint me most of all. I learned this week that there are Israelis who support BDS, who support Breaking the Silence and other disgraceful organisations. They take the very best out of Israel, growing up in an open and democratic society; socialized medicine for all; politically open; unfettered as to sexual preference; indeed living free then claiming we are a tyrannical occupying force!! I am sorry but such people have absolutely no concept of the truth and do not understand the oppression of our enemies on their people. It makes me cross.

Joe Biden disappointed me this week. He spoke out against our Prime Minister, who as you know I didn’t vote for, but all but blamed him for the difficulties of negotiations. Perhaps he should look to the past and understand that without Hosni Mubarak to force the PA leaders into an agreement of sorts we stand no chance!!! They really don’t want and agreement as Hillary Clinton told Bernie Sanders loud and clear.

Which brings me nicely to the Presidential candidates! And then there were two. Now it is The Donald against the Hillary –  we wait with bated breath.

Last Friday we went to a “veddink”! It was Libi Lauren and Eitans wedding in Tel Aviv. She looked gorgeous, her flower girls were amazing (Zvi’s littlest grand-daughters) and their vows beautiful. We wish them a fulfilling life together, always taking the best, enjoying the ride and putting back even more. Her Daddy, David Efron (Honorary Consul for Israel to Puerto Rico) and Kathy Rundle walked Libi up the aisle to her Eitan, the biggest smile on their faces.

David brought a group of friends with him from Puerto Rico, most for their first trip to Israel, and they loved every moment – especially Zvi’s guiding through his beloved Jerusalem and Hannas guiding in Bethlehem.

Jay Massirman came last weekend together with an excellent group of Real Estate Agents from Miami, on a Federation VIP trip. We were thrilled to see jay and his friends graciously allowed us to be part of their Shabbat. Jay – love you more each time!!!

Finally, but certainly not least, Elisabeth and George Gelb are here! They came ot help us rearrange our home yesterday and are joining us at our Seder table tonight. What joy!

That’s it! Can’t stop any longer, Seder awaits. Jerusalem has closed down – even though Zvi found me some kosher le Pesach borekas for lunch!!!!!

I just want to return to Michael Gals expression of confirmational bias and thought about the Four Sons of the Passover Story. The wise son, who wants to learn and works hard to understand; The wicked son who disregards out of hand any of the teachings; The Simple Son who in todays society doesn’t know to ask because he was never shown the beauty of traditions and finally the son who is too young to ask……….. but perhaps is open to being taught. Remind you of anyone? Perhaps the middle two sons are lost, although love can bring them back, but the youngest can be shown. Without seeing traditions he can never make an educated choice.

I wish you a joyous Pesach, one filled with family. Remember when you sing the songs tonight – there is one you need to sing so loudly that someone outside your home will understand…… Le Shana Ha Ba’a B’Yerushalyim.  Next Year in Jerusalem – 2,000 years of yearning

Finally Vehi She’amda from the Haggadah (story) of Passover. Believe in Hashem and he will save us – a truly magnificent song

Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Pesach Sameach. Blessings from us to you, from Jerusalem to the world

With much love