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160528 Shabbat Shalom from Edmonton

28th May, 2016
Shabbat Shalom dear friends.
Here in Edmonton, Canada it is only eleven o’clock on a Friday morning, so Shabbat is still a good few hours away, and many adventures are behind us, with even more ahead of us!
Last week was uneventful for both of us since we discovered our incredible lassitude was a result of pneumonia – in both of us!!!!
Undaunted by the pneumonia, which by now was no longer infectious, we left Jerusalem on the 23rd of May at two o’clock in the morning, heading for Ben Gurion Airport to catch a 06:00 flight to Vienna – then to Frankfurt (which has to be the longest walk between gates of any airport in the world) then from Frankfurt to Denver, Colorado and the waiting arms of Zvi’s old friend from his Mexico Days, Monica Minkoff.
Monica took us home to meet her wonderful husband Harry and generally spoil us and prepare a plan for the next two days. Next morning we set off for their home in Vail (me in the back seat with the oxygen attached) through beautiful countryside, then early next morning set off on a drive to the Colorado National Monument, conceivably one of the most glorious sites and sights I have ever seen. Huge, fascinating and evidence of time immemorial. As gorgeous as it was my favourite part of the journey was listening to Zvi and Monica going back to schooldays and talking of their common friends.
Monica and Harry, I can’t thank you both enough. Sadly I didn’t get to see our friends Pete and Marilyn Coors – our lines got crossed! I did however get to talk to Steve Lillard who called to ask me some pertinent questions. Steve – I hope I answered them!
Yesterday We flew up to Edmonton – to Barry and Cristine Slawky in preparation for Barry’s 70th birthday Bonanza!!! More of that next week!!!
Our time in the USA gave us a chance to hear opinions on the elections from both American born voters and from Ethiopian and Latino immigrants. My favourite people to talk to are always taxi drivers – they tell their truth because they will probably never see you again! Thoughts are varied but in general they are for Trump – believing that he will stop his rhetoric and get down to business once elected. Gosh I don’t know who I would vote for but………………no, it’s none of my business. I just want the best person for America.
Fires raged in Jerusalem as careless teenagers celebrated Lag b’Omer! Large areas of forestation burnt and my grandchildrens riding stables was evacuated.
Mr Netanyahu is further vilified in the media -while those who oppress and express determination to kill Jews and Christians  are treated as saints – but then that is nothing new!!!!
The Ethiopian taxi driver told us he was a recipient of political asylum in the USA, his life endangered in his native land. He told us horrific stories of the persecution of Christians and the takeover of Islam. This is a story so familiar all over Africa, so distressing, so ignored in an uncaring world.
I was thinking about the 70th anniversary of the Kingdom of Jordan being celebrated right now. The Hashemite Kingdom (think about the name Hashemite – Godly) given to the descendants of Mohammed and his two sons Hassan and Hussein in the same division of land that created many new states, and yet nobody questions Jordans existence. Pure racism drives the forces that deny Israels existence – pure, evil, constant and inexplicable racism.
Racism – who would know better than Black Christians about racism. It brought many to love and understand Israel as no others
Since we spoke of the Ethiopian taxi driver I thought an appropriate song for Shabbat could be Masa – The Journey, sung by the Sheba Choir
Barry’s favourite Israeli singer is David D’Or, and we approach American elections so only one song seemed appropriate, David’s performance of Amazing Grace for President Obama – incredible indeed
Finally, Lecha Dodi, again David D’Or but as you have never heard this Shabbat song before – Welcome Bride of Shabbat –
With much love from Edmonton – looking toward Jerusalem and our veranda overlooking that incredible city.
Shabbat Shalom

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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