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28th October 2016

Shabbat Shalom dear friends. I hope this missive finds you well.

It is 38 years since the breathtaking moment when Anwar Sadatstepped off the aeroplane at Ben Gurion Airport to meet withMenachem Begin. It was a pivotal moment in Israel’s existence and in Egypt’s. Two men, two fighters, two leaders who understood that they could not go on fighting; Anwar Sadat recognised that the constant war was ensuring his country and his people could not raise their heads from poverty and Menachem Begin, the former panther was ready to meet anyone who wanted peace. Menachem Begins words “No more war, no more bloodshed. Peace unto you. Shalom, Salaam, forever” heralded a genuine peace with the largest and most dangerous enemy of the time. It faded on the day that Sadat was assassinated but apart from the cold peace has basically been maintained and General Al Sisi is fighting alongside us to beat the terror of ISIS.

The Nobel Prize Ceremony for the two warriors for peace brought forth these worlds from the Nobel Director

The award of the Prize to the President of Egypt, Anwar al-Sadat, and the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, is moreover historical in the wider sense, in that we only know of one previous peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. This, as Israeli scholars have revealed, took place some 3,000 years ago; it was the peace concluded between King David’s son, wise King Solomon, and the Egyptian Pharaoh.”

Perhaps the fools of UNESCO should read those words since they clearly do not believe in the words of the Bible.

There are occasional moments of sweet revenge when one has mean thoughts about those who use Israel as their expression of their racist leanings. It happened twice this week. The papers were plastered with the financial problems of Roger Waters – him of Pink Floyd? The one who “had no education” oh you remember, Pink Floyd’s The Wall? Anyway his entire career for the last several years is based on promoting the BDS movement which has, thank Heaven, resulted in his financial ruin! Oh gosh that felt good!

The second, even more odious person is Jenny Tonge. She was a member of the Liberal Democrats but always on the fringe and very openly racist against Israel. The LibDems shoved her upwards into the House of Lords thinking it would shut her up, but no, she continued even with the title of Baroness Tonge. This week she really went too far, ensuring an invited audience in a meeting room in the House she spat venom on Israel in a manner unbecoming – and was thrown out of the Liberal Democratic Party – even though she tried to convince the media that she had resigned. Ah such a sweet moment.

Neither of these foul racists will disappear but their platform became very, very small.

Israel’s much maligned Defence Minister, Avigdor Liberman, gave an interview to the Palestinian newspaper Al Quds this week. His plan of the exchange of land between the PA and Israel to accommodate the relevant peoples; increase of supplies to Gaza; determination to initiate more direct negotiations between the military came as a surprise to the West but the Arabs believe in him. He has emerged as a pragmatist who they trust. I am not surprised. We have heard him speak at many functions and international occasions and his words are not far right as the media likes to portray him, he simply does not speak with forked tongue. This article explains it all.

His Holiness Pope Francis is a rare Christian leader – indeed a rare leader. After a short meeting with Ayoub Kara,  Druze Deputy Minister in the Knesset, His Holiness declared that G-d had promised the land of Israel to the Jews. It may seem obvious to us, indeed to anyone who reads the Bible, but yet again this fine man and exceptional leader has spoken out about the fact that to deny the right of Jews to be in this land is pure racism. Minister kara believes it was a clear statement to UNESCO.

If you go to the link you will see another article about four people from a village near Efrat who visited their neighbours Succah and wound up indicted for sedition by the PA. Incredible.

Talking of UNESCO, our dear friend Professor Gabriel Barkay, who recovered and is sifting the earth removed from under the Temple Mount gave an interview about the insane UNESCO vote.

Many jeered when Prime Minister Netanyahu travelled to Africa recently. Well they shouldn’t because it is a diplomatic opportunity as few others. The wooing of African countries is rare and much appreciated. Here Dr. Jurgen Buhler of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem explains why

This week has been difficult. I think I told you that the Yuri Shtern Holistic Center had been burgled and when the ******s tore the safe from the wall they took most of the ticket money raised for a performance of the Batsheva Dance Company on November 1st. I have spent most of the week writing to friends and companies to try to recoup the funds lost because this unique organisation provides holistic care, touch therapies, psychology and nso much more to Cancer Patients and their families, in Shaare Zedek Hospital and in the humble clinic. If you feel able to give something toward their loss of funds please, please Just say Sheila sent you!!! By the way, thank you dear Sari Singer. Thank you for your prompt action.

Last night Zvi and I went to a truly magnificent concert at the Jerusalem Theatre. Two choirs, the Jerusalem Oratorio and Laudamus Te Stuttgart together with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. We received an invitation from Dassy and Yair Stern (Yair the son of Avrham Yair Stern of the Irgun) is the CEO of the Symphony. He told us the Mendlessohn programme was outstanding and he was right!!!

Last Shabbat we had a large number of friends to sit in our Succah. A diverse group, I love watching new interactions. Since I was still sick and on anti-biotics each of the guests brought something toward the meal; salads and desserts so that I really didn’t have to work hard. We were 17 people and the weather was absolutely delightful

I have to run because I am collecting the children from school to take them home to the incredible aromas of freshly baked Challot and Rachel’s full range of delicious food. I have little cooking to do today except a huge pot of pea soup! The pea soup is in honour of Gili’s graduation from her Chumash class in school. Gili loves pea soup!!! We are going to Leor and Shiri tonight and Gili is their beautiful middle daughter, so I can hardly wait for her delighted smile when she sees what soup Safta Sheila made!!!

Tomorrow our beautiful friend Dr Kimball Taylor is coming to stay for 5 days, all the way from Cardston, Alberta in Canada. Kim is officially here for the Jewish Agency Board meetings, but really it is because he cannot be away from Jerusalem for long……. And he wants to see us! As an early riser he will thrill to the sunrise over Jerusalem that I see every morning; the fiery red skies in contrast to the aurora borealis greens that he has at home. I love sharing the view from our veranda.

Stanley, yesterday I planted all my spring bulbs! Zvi schlepped the soil upstairs and I did the creative part!!!!

Oh I forgot to tell you…… yesterday it rained; at least in Jerusalem we had high winds and it kinda spat a bit, in Eilat they are flooded! Over 100 mms of rain in one evening!!!!

My favourite service in Judaism is the Havdalah – the service, at home, that separates between the Holy Shabbat and the humdrum life of the week. We reawaken all our senses, with a candle for sight and warmth on the skin, the wine to taste, fragrant herbs and spices to awaken the sense of smell and the sound of beautiful prayer of thanks to hear. This is a gorgeous version of Havdalah with the Chief Chazan (Cantor) of the IDF Shai Abrahamson…..

Remember that for every Roger Waters there are 100 great stars who can’t wait to perform in Israel. Beyonce is next month, Air Supply too, The stranglers, Ricky Martin, Dire Straits and a whole slew were here last month……… as Robert DeNiro would say Forgetabahtit!

I know I have given you “Brothers in Arms” written by Mark Knopfler for the IDF, but I love it and cry each time! Anyway I was in the UK for the Dire Straits concerts in Israel!!!

OK I just found this video by Yaacov Schwekey and I couldn’t resist giving it to you. “We Are a Miracle” so that every time you get depressed by the ignoramuses’ who yet again want us gone from the face of the earth –  you can play this song.

Shabbat Shalom dear friends. Remember, it is a New Year, a new start, the chance to make everyone around you feel good and…………….. ensure that you speak out, and if necessary, shout out about injustices.

Zvi and I will speaking out in Southern Florida for the last week of January and the first two weeks of February. If you want us to speak at your synagogue or fundraiser – just tell me and I will check it out.

With love from Jerusalem