The view from my veranda

After Kippur

After Kippur

The fast is over but the need to atone is not.

Here are my thoughts as I set out on another adventure

The most common mistake, the cause of so much antipathy, is categorising people – putting them in boxes. Not just nationality, not just colour, not just origin but predominantly, their way of dress.

Dress identifies to which sector of society one belongs, along with botox and make-up, hair style and colour, none of which tells us about the person inside.

Is the young orthodox girl with a long skirt necessarily oppressed and forced into early marriage or is she on the path to a PhD in human behaviour or mathematics?

Is the young girl who posts scantily dressed photos of herself in provocative poses going to enter the oldest profession or is she going to be sitting beside the observant woman studying for her PhD? 

Can the young man covered in tattoos possibly be an intelligent, kind human being?

Can the man with the big shtreimel work on the stock exchange by day and be a paramedic by night?

Can you and I remember that, like beauty, appearance is just that, skin deep?

Those are my thoughts for today and hopefully for the years to come

May you be inscribed in the book of life

With love