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Ezekiel Unscathed – Shevua Tov


Sunday 16th May 2010.

In my last Shabbat Shalom I told you all about Canon Andrew White’s visit to Ezekiel’s Tomb in Iraq. His excitement and delight at the condition of the tomb, after the rumours and multiple articles to the contrary, was such that he called me another twice from Iraq to express his joy and of course to wish me Shabbat Shalom!

Jonah Mandel interviewed me about the Tomb and about Andrew for the Jerusalem Post and this is the resulting article. Unfortunately in the print version they called me Sheila Regev but Jonah immediately corrected it in the internet version!

Since further good always comes out of such acts of selflessness I am happy to report that Andrew and my determination over the last 10 years to expose the plight of Christians in the PA may well come to fruition since Jonah is also preparing an article and hopefully we will work together on it.

Have a wonderful week and if anyone wants to see photographs of Andrew at the Tomb just go to the Facebook site WE LOVE CANON ANDREW WHITE where I placed them!

With love from Jerusalem