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Letter to Mr David Miliband Foreign Minister UK

March 24th 2010.

Israel and Passports

The current brouhaha concerning British passports and Israeli diplomats reminded me of another instance of unwanted diplomats.

Alistair Crooke was a known Arabist who worked in the British Foreign Office. Crooke was sent to Israel, as part of the British consular delegation in Jerusalem; ostensibly to oversee Israeli Palestinian relations on behalf of the British Government.

Mr. Crooke had relationships with some highly questionable people in and around Jerusalem, people who were not connected to his diplomatic work. I shared my concerns with the then British Ambassador Sherrard Cowper-Coles. The Ambassador was very sympathetic to my story and asked me to write a full report of my suspicions, outlining proof of misconduct, in writing by email. Within 10 minutes of sending said email I received a highly threatening email telling me to butt out – someone was hacking the Ambassadors personal computer! Concerned for my own safety I reported my suspicions to our authorities.

Mr. Alistair Crooke was investigated and within a short time was on his way home. It was later revealed that he was a member of MI6 and had been training Hamas! A British diplomat was training Hamas terrorists, yet Israel did not turn it into a media frenzy. His expulsion was carried out quietly, out of respect to our British allies.

The current disproportionate reaction of the British Government against Israeli is not only ill intentioned but may put British people in danger of further terrorist attacks. Did Mr. Miliband, or the British Government take this fact into consideration before choosing to “make an example” of Israel over a few passports?

As your paper revealed over 10,000 forged passports are issued each year so what is the big deal since Mr. Milliband himself said it was not because of any suspicion that Israel may have disposed of an arch terrorist in Dubai?
Maybe petrochemicals oil the wheels of power?