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Mid week update – Gaza Flotilla

31st May 2010.
Urgent update on Gaza Flotilla
CNN Turkey reported that when the Israeli Marines boarded the ships the “Peace” demonstrators became extremely violent and attacked the soldiers with knives, iron bars and even guns.

There was no need for this flotilla. Israel provides aid to Gaza every day – each and every hour of each and every day more aid is trucked into Gaza by Israel than was on all of the boats in this flotilla. It is all a fabrication to garner world sympathy – as always at Israel’s expense. The intention of the flotilla was provocation and PR – and as a democratic country whose citizens demand truth from their leaders we do not have the responses required. If provocation is your chosen weapon do not be surprised if you provoke.
Members of the flotilla were heard chanting: khaybar khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad Sawfa Ya’ud – זיכרו את ח’יבר, יהודים, צבא מחמד עוד יחזור – Remember Khaybar, Jews, the army of Mohammad is coming back
Muhammad’s war against the Jews of Khaybar (628) was very harsh. At first he sent disguised guests to the homes of the leaders of Banū Naḍīr who then killed their hosts. Muhammad’s victory over the Jews of Khaybar, some of whom were held in esteem by the enemy, was also aided by the treachery of a Jew who showed the Muslims the secret entrances to one of the fortresses……maybe a Jew such as Miri Weingarten of Jews for Justice for Palestinians
The IDF boarded the “Gaza Flotilla” last night with the intention of checking the cargo for arms but not harming those on board. When they boarded they were met with gunfire and were attacked by clubs. The result is horrific but I have no doubt that Israel, as always, will stand alone in the dock before the jury of international opinion. What would the USA have done? What would the UK have done? What would the Saudis have done? What would any other country have done and the world would be with them?

For those who love Israel do not judge Israel for last night’s actions. No other country in the history of the world has faced such a determined, wily, vicious and brutal enemy on its own doorstep in a constant war of attrition yet survived. We are fighting for our very existence against a rabid and fanatical enemy.

Erdogan of Turkey spends all his energy in currying favour with Iran and Syria by denigrating turkeys main ally – Israel – rather than taking care of issues at home and was slipping in the polls due to his demagogic behaviour and he needed a boost – which is why this Turkish initiated flotilla set sail. His actions probably provided the perfect tool for his continued attempts to cause Turkey to regress to pre-Ataturk days.

We cannot sit back and allow their malicious lies and calumny to continue. Rayeed Salah has been seriously injured – most probably because any shots came from his direction and the soldiers responded. The IDF video will tell the truth – let us hold judgment until then.

I wish you a better week and Israel an understanding world