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Mid Week update – Rocket attacks on the South


11th March 2012

Update on the South

Over 100 rockets, both Kassams and the longer reach Grads, have been launched from Gaza onto the citizens of the South of Israel.

It is almost impossible to find the launchers since they are on the backs of small trucks and move from place to place – but we find them and dispose of them – and any 14 year old children who are injured are part of the launch team. Hamas says they are trying to stop the barrage, but apparently the launchers were discovered to be members of Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad. Apparently they are jealous of the world’s attention concentrated on Iran.

The Israeli defensive innovation called Iron Dome has saved many lives already – with a 90% accuracy in intercepting and preventing the missiles ever reaching their targets on the ground. There is still danger and universities and schools from Beer Sheba south have been closed and people told to stay within 15 seconds of a shelter. Inquisitive Israelis have been leaving the shelters to see the Iron Dome interceptor missiles in action but the local defence authorities have warned everyone to remain inside because of the danger from falling shrapnel

By the way – we all laugh at the binocular incident with Amir Peretz during the Lebanon War but he is the one who encouraged the R&D of the Iron Dome defence system devised, innovated and built by the Israeli Rafa’el Armaments company. He may have left the covers on his binoculars but former Defence Minister Peretz’s foresight in this instance deserves credit. Now who looks dumb?

Can you imagine any other country suffering such an onslaught without extreme consequences and outcry? The plight of the children in the South goes unnoticed – and most suffer PTSD to a greater or lesser extent – every day for 12 years they have been bombarded with shorter and longer range missiles.,7340,L-4200738,00.html

It makes me very angry – we did everything expected and demanded of us – leaving wonderful communities in Gaza because the world told us it would solve the problem but this is the result…………………….. We saved Jewish lives from death at the hands of Hamas in Gaza but brought these terrible barrages upon ourselves by our very humanity.

Have a good week – remember that Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Zeelim, Ofakim, Netivot, Gan Yavneh, Yavneh are all on alert. Imagine it were anywhere else? Oh well- apparently Jews are disposable. Some things never change.