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Midweek Update Pillar of Cloud

18th November 2012
I was listening to the radio just now, on my way home from a delightful breakfast with a friend. Radio One was airing an interview with the head of the Israeli Air Force and every few seconds the interview was interrupted “Tseva Adom b’Sderot – Tseva Adom b’Sderot” a few more words “Tseva Adom b’Shaarey ha Negev – Tseva Adom b’Shaarei ha Negev” another word or two “Tseva Adom b’Ashdod- Tseva Adom b’Ashdod” another word “Tseva Adom b’Ashkelon – Tseva Adom b’Ashkelon” Red Alert in those cities is announced on the radio in real time, in a calm and matter of fact manner to ensure everyone hears the warning, apart from the siren. What does it mean? In each of these places men, women and children, irrespective of creed or colour, have 15 seconds to run to a shelter. What does that mean? Try this. Close your eyes and count to fifteen imagining yourself in the street or in your apartment with four little children and have to run for cover.
Please sign this petition by the WZO to show your empathy with the people of Southern Israel
Insanity reigns not democracy as Arab Members of Knesset hold a minutes silence for the dead in Gaza! Yes, at least abuse of democracy and at worst treason, pure and simple. They dare to claim that Israel does not give them simple human rights – good grief who believes them?,7340,L-4307259,00.html
Just as you worry about us we worry about you because you somehow don’t understand how great the threat. Freedom of speech is one of the greatest ideals of the United States, indeed of all great democracies, but there have to be limits whereby the right to freedom of speech does not break the bounds into incitement to hatred. This video was taken in Manhattan next to Charles Schwab
With all that is happening in Israel we still have time to help others. Shachar Zahavi of IsraAid is working hard to help those in New Jersey who suffered so badly from Hurricane Sandy. Go to the website and commend IsraAid and if you live in New Jersey, invite the volunteers for a cup of coffee!
Friends, don’t worry about us. We are strong, we will survive because we understand who our enemies are and what has to be done to protect our beautiful children. Surely it is now time for our children to be children and not have to count to 15 to see if they will survive or if their homes will still be there when they return after the ear-shattering, heart stopping boom. As I write to you, watching the constant reports on TV, the reporter had to run to cover with his cameraman and we understood what children in the South have been doing for eleven long years. Remember when the media claims we are in Gaza…. we left Gaza lock stock and two smoking barrels years ago!!!
Just a side issue, we were in Tel Aviv on Friday lunch-time, at a party celebrating the birth of a grand-son to Zvi’s cousin. It didn’t frighten me that we heard the siren and all crowded into the kitchens at the events hall because that was the safe place. I realy wasn’t scared. However as we left Tel Aviv for home I called our Tel Aviv friends, and smugly invited them to Jerusalem so they could be safe for Shabbat. As we neared Jerusalem the radio suddenly announced “Tseva Adom b’Yerushalyim”!!!!! The sirens caught my daughter out with her daughter and they ran home as fast as possible. I phoned our Tel Aviv friends and apologised!! As a final piece of information, the Fajr 5 rocket that was shot over Jerusalem landed on an Arab village!!!!!
That’s all for now dear friends, don’t worry about us or about Israel. Many nations, religions, Empires and organisations have tried to kill us off and we are still standing while they disappeared. My greatest concern is when I go to bed, my dressing gown (thanks to Pauline) is next to me and my phone next to the door and then I will be dressed properly, warm and snug when we go and sit with our neighbours if the siren sounds!!!
With love from Jerusalem, beautiful as always
If you want to hear what REALLY happens in Israel go to the Israel Broadcasting Association in English