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Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem. Operation Protective Edge

10th July 2014
Shalom dear friends.
Two nights ago was chaotic, distressing and very, very annoying. We sat having a delicious Jerusalem meal at Zion ha Gadol withRebecca and Harold Finger and Irit and Itzik Lev. The meal was up to the usual standards as the cornucopia of Jerusalem “salads” spread before us, each one more delicious than the next. Beetroot salad, carrot salad, garlic and lemon, fiery Yemenite Schug, chopped Israeli salad, humous with chickpeas and olive oil on top, tehina with parsley, tomato and coriander, rice salad, too many to mention and to Rebeccas delight, Iraqi style pitta piping hot from the taboon – and that was just the first course!!!!! That was followed by kebabs, chicken liver skewers, spring chicken skewers and hot fries. As we were drinking our tea with “nana”or mint and eating baklava it happened. Uzi, who runs the place, ran out to say the “Tseva Adom” air-raid sirens were already sounding in Abu Ghosh where he lives. Then it sounded in Jerusalem too. We casually strolled into the restaurant, choosing an appropriate spot indoors, and I must commend both Harold and Rebecca for their amazing sang froid in an unfamiliar situation, just hours after landing at Ben Gurion Ariport. Of course, I remembered to take my mint tea with me.
Bravo BBC…….. yes I said Bravo BBC, not only revealing that Hamas uses old and inaccurate photographs to claim Israeli hits. The BBC’s senior reporter Lyse Doucet deserves a special mention for her honest reporting of our situation.
Amazing, but the Economist published a very telling article entitled “The tragedy of the Arabs” – of how they fell from great heights and must pull themselves out of the mire of terror and internecine fighting. 
The Wall Street Journal exposed the fact that Iran has a very strong hand in Hamas and Gaza. Iran’s Hand in Gaza A little-noticed U.N. report discloses the Tehran regime’s role in fueling Middle East terror.
Our enemy is not the people of Gaza who suffer from the horrendous oppression at the hands of Hamas but rather Hamas itself – yet another  case of supposed democratic elections bringing untold suffering on the heads of the people.  Here we see a small truth of Hamas
On Tuesday the spotters of the IDF saw four or five unknown persons coming out of the sea in SCUBA suits – they were terrorists from Gaza. This article and video show the entire operation.,7340,L-4539871,00.html 
The name of this operation is translated as Protective Edge –  but in Hebrew it has much deeper meaning. The J​erusalem ​Post said The Hebrew, צוק איתן, touches more buttons than the official English translation, “Protective edge.” Alternative translations that might touch different buttons, are “Strong rock” “Impregnable rock,” or “Impregnable fortress.”
Hamas gains strength from the belief that they are a grass-roots and home-spun without real weapons. WRONG!!!!! They are sophisticated, their weaponry effective and dangerous. they know exactly what they are aiming for although so far have not succeeded. Their success has been in the war of attrition, terrifying civilians, but they have not reached their targets………….. so far.
The situation for Israelis would be infinitely more serious but for Iron Dome. Conceived by Brigadier General Daniel Gold,  Defence Minister Amir Peretz who fought to gain funding and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who pushed it through. Thank you all 3 for defending lives. ​Once the success of Iron Dome was proven both the United States and Singapore decided to put money into the project and it became a three nation project which will  be a major financial success, but I  am just thrilled it works!!  ​
Apparently Israel is worth just one, maybe two days of sympathy and a mere few hours of empathy. wh​e​n the three teenage boys, Naftali, Eyal and Gil-Ad were kidnapped and killed, we were worth a few words of sympathy although few media outlets refrained from calling these boys “settlers” to ensure the blame boomeranged. Hamas handed out candy in celebration of that horror. Incredibly -Despite the constant barrage of rockets being fired at major cities in Israel, hundreds of Israelis are reaching out to console the family of murdered Arab teen Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Israelis visit the mourners’ tent of the Abu Khdeir family in Shuafat, Jerusalem. Why? Because this is Israel and we will never celebrate the cruel killing of a child. The perpetrators are arrested, all 6 from one family and mostly aged 16 and 15, and the full extent of the law will be brought down upon their heads.
The media in general is blaming Israel for the current situation despite thousands of missiles launched on Israeli town and kibbutzim for years – it is a case of -“The war started when Israel returned fire”.
I want film-makers, internet whizz’s or advertising people out there to make a video. I already wrote the screenplay in principle-  Children in identifiable major cities around the world – from San Franciso, Toronto, London, Cardiff, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam – Malmo – running for cover running – just running in fear trying to get to  shelters. Sirens, 15 seconds of running to the sound of your own heartbeat;  a visual of a 7 year old terrified that his parents wll not reach safety, his home destroyed including his teddy bear. The entire video is 15 seconds – —–Then maybe the people of the world would understand and stop listening to the disinformation of the media.
A compilation of video and and information from Tom Gross – essential viewing
By the way – Israel is still sending truckloads of aid​, medical, subsistence food and fuel,​ through​ the​​ Erez Crossing​ to Gaza every day​. Egypt is not willing to open her borders excepting a few injured.​ – Hamas is our enemy not the poor people they rule with a violent hand.​ Ironically they probably use the fuel we provide for the rockets!!​
Today Mahmoud Abbas tried to broker an unconditional cease-fire – let’s see what happens but I know that if we say yes Hamas will say no – it’s just for media purposes. ​
This weeks serious news has taken most of this newsletter but I cannot let it go without some good news too. First of all my daughter Rachel’s children came to stay overnight. It really was fun even though I learned that there is a good reason we don’t have children at the advanced age of 68!!!! They really were angels, Saba Zvi worked hard to build them the tent and tube set on the veranda (which they barely played with of course) then we talked, watched a little children’s TV, played computer games and then bed time. Bed-time was so much fun, the two girls, Talia and Ayala, in the double bed and Yosef on a comfy mattress on the floor. They really wanted to sleep together. Mr Bump, Brahms Lullaby and some more talking and Yosef and Ayala were quickly in dreamland, however Talia (aged 8) found it hard to sleep so we sat on the hammock on the veranda and gently swinging back and fore we talked about what we saw.
She went to get the binoculars and we found the moon in the clear sky, Gilo, Beit Tsafafa, Talpiot, Baka, Ramat Rachel, German Colony and on each one coming with a little history lesson. So it continued until 11:15 when suddenly she said “OK Safta Sheila, I can go to sleep now, you don’t need to come to sit with me. You go to bed, I tired you” Strangely enough it wasn’t true. Sitting out in the cool, gentle breeze of a Jerusalem evening with a child that I love dearly could not be considered tiring – it was a privilege. Best of all the girls chose to save up all their earnings and birthday money and bought themselves a trampoline!!!! Not bad for 5 and 8 years old! It helped them to forget (momentarily) the fact that a rocket landed near home two days ago.
​I received a video from Adrian and Lester Christie – childhood friends – DO YOU PASS THE ISRAEL TEST? From the Prager University. Fascinating, just 4 minutes long​
Since Israel’s sons daughters and grandchildren have been called up for “miluim” or reserve duty and many are serving near the Gaza border, the only obvious song that I wanted to give you is Mark Knoflers tribute to the IDF – Brothers in Arms
I wish you Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem. Jerusalem that just a few minutes ago heard the wailing of the air-raid siren. It was time for me to meet my neighbours on the stairwell again. We heard 4 booms in the distance. I know where they tried to land – can’t tell you – but if not for Iron Dome they would have landed in closely dense civilian areas – guaranteed civilian.
Tomorrow I leave for a short week in London and South Wales, but as much as I want to see all my family there, it is hard to go.
I want to leave you with a prayer “Our Father, Our King who is in heaven” Avinu Malkeinu sh’be Shamayim
With much love to you all
​For anyone who wants information of what is happening here
The English speaking site of Israel’s Home Front Command (“Pikud Ha’oref”) can be accessed by clicking Their information center can be reached at 104 and is open 24 hrs.
English news sites originating from Israel include among others:
I24 News – 24 hr Internet news site in English
IBA English News:
The Jerusalem Post:
Times of Israel: 
Yisrael Hayom:
Israel National News:​

If the media does not inform us we must inform the media

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