The view from my veranda

Shana Tova 5778


20th September 2017

Rosh Hashana 2017, in the Jewish year of 5778

Thank you one and all for listening to my musings and emotions, my thoughts and deliberations. I appreciate you all, each and every one of you and wish you

שנה טובה ומתוקה

I wish you a year in which the voice of moderation and reason will not be silenced.

A year of new friendships while holding the old ones close to your heart

A year of true friends who will never turn on you and always remember your kindnesses

A year in which Israel’s innovation, desire for peace with our neighbours, outreach to less fortunate countries, almost excessive democracy will be recognised.

That after 5778 years the Jews the world over can finally say I am a Jew without concern and can pray in synagogues without the need for security

That Christians and Jews in Moslem countries will not be persecuted and that Moslem in the West will not be singled out – there are good and bad among all peoples.

That all children will be taught that when someone is different, it simply makes them more interesting.

That the State Department and the Foreign Office will play fair and the United Nations will perform the duties for which it was created.

Ayoub Kara, Israeli Minister of Communications, gave the most important blessing of all “May we all be blessed with a fair and honest media who will allow free speech to all sides”

If the blessing, of Ayoub Kara will be fulfilled then all of the above will be possible.

As we stand on our veranda surrounded by glorious colour, warmed by the sunrise in Jerusalem, Zvi and I wish you and yours a year of joy, of kindness, generosity, tolerance and patient understanding and of course great good health.

I wish Zvis boys Amiad and Leor and their amazing families; my family, my siblings Eddie, Doreen and Ronnie and families; my loving children Daniel, Gideon and Rachel and their spouses Karen, Stephanie and Igal; our warm, kind and beautiful grandchildren; cousins, including the new-found Jen and Frank in far off Nova Scotia, a sweet and fulfilling year. To all of them – I have a dream. My dream it that next year you really will be in Jerusalem.

Finally to my husband Zvi, my husband, my mentor, my historian and the man who told me I could build up a readership of over 10,000 people if I just tell the truth. Thank you my love.

David Broza sings Yiyeh Tov – It will be fine – and it will Yihyeh Tov

With all our love from our beautiful Jerusalem,