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Shevua Tov and the UN Vote

1st December 2012
Shevua Tov dear friends
From your letters it is clear that you want to know how we feel here in Israel, how we feel that the world has shown us exactly what they think of us. Well to start with no-one really thought the outcome would be any different and in truth only 6 nations changed their regular votes to support the Palestinian half-membership of the UN. Of course there were a few who disappointed us by abstaining but, hey, again so what’s new? I will try to give you all the fats in an abridged form. Here goes.
I was deeply offended by Abu Mazens cynical choice of date to make his declaration and speech in the UN on the 29th November, but then again, what’s new?
I was deeply offended by his speech which denied our right to exist and claimed the oppression of the “Palestinian people” Jerusalem and virtually all of Israel for himself.
I was deeply offended that in that supposed symbol of human rights he spoke of the terrible conditions imposed upon the ”Palestinian People” by Israel when he runs the PA as a dictator
I was deeply offended by the standing ovation his incitement to hatred received.
I was deeply offended that WE IN THE WEST all pay hugely inflated dues to an organisation that was formed to prevent wars yet seems intent upon preventing peace.
Was I surprised ?– not even remotely!!!
I embrace Canada, whose Prime Minister and Foreign Minister urged by the exceptional Professor Irwin Cotler, stood up to be counted among the few and spoke out loud and clear. The nations who stood strong against the resolution are Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Panama, Palau and of course the United States
Mrs Clinton expressed her deep concern for the undoubted problems incurred by the resolution. Ban Ki Moon expressed a determination that both countries, Israel and Palestine, return to the negotiating table. Mr Moon, we had the table set for years, the doors to the PM’s office open; we stopped building in our own capital city; we were prepared to accede to most of your demands; we bend over backwards but sadly no-one was prepared to speak to us! Indeed we are waiting for you to agree to our one essential demand – to accept our existence!!!
I am not sure that the Israeli Governments response is correct. To build homes in our own country is a right not a form of revenge and appears petulant. We should never have stopped building!!! No-one has the right to tell us not to build Jewish homes on land that may be disputed but was clearly given to our care in our peace agreement with Jordan, especially when the Arabs are building as if there is no tomorrow in Jerusalem! Jerusalem is now filling with Arabs from Hebron and the surrounding areas, some neighborhoods increasing from 300 to 20,000 and no-one is even suggesting that they stick to their own borders!!!!
Here is the information I promised
The UN report of the debate, vote and its outcome
UNWatch – who voted what.
What Kind of Palestinian State?
The U.N. should consider whether the world needs another nation that imports weapons and exports extremism and terror.
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor‘s November 29th 2012 Speech to the UN General Assembly <>
“There’s only one route to Palestinian statehood and that route does not run through this chamber in New York. That route runs through direct negotiations between Jerusalem and Ramallah that will lead to a secure and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” he added. “There are no shortcuts. No quick fixes. No instant solutions.”
He said that President Abbas had described today’s proceedings as “historic”.  But the only thing historic about that official’s speech was how much it had ignored history.  The truth was that 65 years ago today, the United Nations had voted to partition the British Mandate into two States:  a Jewish State and an Arab State — two States for two peoples.  Israel had accepted that plan.  The Palestinians and Arab nations had rejected it and launched a “war of annihilation” to throw “the Jews into the sea”.
The truth was that from 1948 until 1967, the West Bank had been ruled by Jordon, and Gaza had been ruled by Egypt.  The Arab States had not lifted a finger to create a Palestinian State.  Instead, they had sought Israel’s destruction, and had been joined by newly formed Palestinian terrorist organizations.  The truth was that to advance peace, Israel had dismantled entire communities and uprooted thousands of people from their homes in the Gaza Strip in 2005.  Rather than use that opportunity to build a peaceful future, the Palestinians had turned Gaza into an “Iranian terror base”, from which thousands of rockets had been fired into Israeli cities.  Last week, Gaza had been turned into a launching pad for rockets into Israeli cities, a haven for global terrorists and a munitions dump for Iranian weapons.
Three months ago, Israel’s Prime Minister stood in the Assembly Hall and extended his hand in peace to President Abbas, reiterating that his goal was to create a solution of two-States for two-peoples — where a demilitarized Palestinian State would recognize Israel as a Jewish State. This afternoon, “I did not hear you use the phrase ‘two States for two peoples’ and, in fact, I have never heard you say that phrase because the Palestinian leadership has never recognized that Israel is the nation-State of the Jewish people,” he said, adding:“President Abbas, instead of revising history, it is time that you started making history by making peace with Israel.”
Zvi always says that Jewish festivals are based on one principle “They tried to kill us; we won now let’s eat!” Even the foods we eat related to the particular era of our enslavement or capture or attempted annihilation. Just remember, we win every time after all we are still here and all the great Empires that tried to destroy us no longer exist
Chanuka. Haman of Persia thought he had us licked but what he, nor our current detractors don’t understand is that we thrive on persecution………… it brings out our wicked sense of humour!!!
How to light your Chanuka candles – a lesson from the Technion in Haifa
Have a wonderful week and don’t forget – we are OK.
With love from Jerusalem